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10 Most Alcoholic Cocktails

10 Most Alcoholic Cocktails

These cocktails have been crafted solely based upon their alcohol content, but be careful if you dare to consume them

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We set out to find the most alcoholic drinks on the market.

Figuring out what to order at the bar can be difficult, what with the copious amount of choices the bartender can offer you. There are hundreds of alcohols, liqueurs, and mixers that can be blended together to make some seriously delicious cocktails. But what if you just want one drink that’ll really give you the kick you’re looking for? That’s where our list of the 10 most alcoholic cocktails comes into play.

"drinks that stood out the most were those that had one or fewer mixers in them" We did some research to find the most alcoholic cocktails, made with some of the highest-proof alcohols in very large quantities. We looked for drinks where the alcohol isn't diluted by things like juice, vermouth, sodas, and other mixers. The drinks that stood out the most were those that had one or fewer mixers in them. They were also the ones that came recommended to us by bartenders and master mixology consultants like Giovanni Love, who has opened Bar Naná in Manhattan’s West Village as well as other bars across the country. Love was kind enough to tell us, "Right off the bat, other than martini's, Manhattan's, Gibson's, and Rob Roy's, the Negroni is the first to come to mind." The Negroni is a classic cocktail, but there are others on our list that you might not know about.

While absinthe is an obvious component of some of these high-alcohol drinks, there are others on our list made with different liquors with sky-high alcohol contents. Navy-strength gin is a real thing, and when it’s added to a Negroni it can make it all the more alcoholic. The same goes for using higher-proof rums like Bacardi’s 151 Rum, and of course using grain alcohols like Everclear. But try to avoid downing too many of these cocktails — they’re also impeccably concocted and offer a taste of true craftsmanship. While jungle juice may be a bathtub drink for college fraternity boys, there are more sophisticated options to choose from, like Death in the Afternoon, a fantastic cocktail that uses absinthe and champagne to create a phenomenal mix of flavors with the anise-flavored absinthe and the sweetness of the champagne bubbles.

There are hundreds of cocktails out there that boast pretty heavy alcohol contents, but these 10 drinks were the ones that made our list. If you have a heavy-hitting, highly alcoholic cocktail, let us know about it and we’ll expand the list to include everything you can dream up!

Top 10 Jamaican Drinks (Cocktails & Recipes) 2021

The hot and humid weather of Jamaica can easily have you thirsting for a drink. You’ll find most Jamaicans quenching their thirst with a bottle or can of Red Stripe-Jamaica’s favorite beer. Red Stripe will effortlessly make it to any top ten listings of crisp and crunchy lagers.

However, rum wins hands down as Jamaica’s alcoholic drink of choice as cane sugar is the Caribbean island country chief export item. The locals love to experiment with rum, cocktailing the spirit with a wide variety of drinks. No wonder, you’ll come across several punchy cocktails fortified with rum that bartenders serve in watering holes throughout Jamaica.

So, if you’re a spirit enthusiast, then don’t limit yourself to just Red Stripes, ginger beer, or Sorrel Tea. Go the whole hog by experimenting with Rum Punch, Bob Marley, Dirty Banana, and Jamaican Zombie. Here’s the lowdown on Jamaica’s top ten alcoholic cocktails and recipes.

6 Unique Cocktails for the Adventurous Drinker

The majority of cocktails use ingredients and pair flavors that are common and known to be great for drinks. We wouldn't necessarily call those drinks ordinary (many are extraordinary), but often our experiences allow us to taste a drink just by reading the ingredients and get a general sense of whether we will like it or not.

This list does not include those drinks, instead, we are going for the cocktails that make you do a double-take and try to imagine how and if they will work. Many will surprise you.

Our list is not going to be filled with completely outlandish drinks - no salmon vodkas, cough syrup, or burgers dripping grease into a Bloody Mary - you can find those elsewhere on the web and try them if you dare.

What we're going for here is the truly unique cocktail that is well-crafted so you can actually drink and enjoy it and, depending on your taste, a couple may even become new favorites. Most of these include one key ingredient that is not ordinarily found in drinks, while others include a fascinating combination that is nothing short of an experience.

This is more of an experiment in flavor to give the adventurous drinker new ideas and experiences to take with them into future tastings. We've tried each of these personally and, while there are a few that we will pass on if offered a second round, they are all palatable and interesting and may be more aligned with your tastes than ours.

Long Island Iced Tea

Sometimes elegance and sophistication are thrown to the wind and you simply want a drink that's guaranteed to get the job done. For those times, there's this cocktail, a booze-heavy blend of four different spirits and a liqueur, plus lemon juice and cola. It shouldn't all work together, and yet somehow it does.

Many great cocktail recipes can make an excellent addition to your wedding plans. Choose one to become the signature drink for the reception or shower and give your guests a taste of something special. It may feature your favorite flavors or liquor, match your wedding colors, or simply sound tasty.

Another way to incorporate the drinks of your choice into the wedding reception is to create a cocktail menu. Choose a few of your favorites and display a list on the bar the bride may have a favorite vodka martini while the groom chooses a whiskey cocktail, for example. It allows your guests to pick when and what they want to drink while passing along your personal style.

  • Ernest Hemingway credited for potent absinthe-Champagne cocktail
  • The Zombie has three types of rum, Pernod, grenadine and a secret mix
  • Bone Dry Martini is 100 per cent alcohol and also known as Pass the Bottle

Published: 12:05 BST, 7 April 2015 | Updated: 10:23 BST, 9 April 2015

They are the easy-to-drink cocktails that come in pretty colours and sweet flavours.

But don't be fooled by their innocent appearance.

These drinks often contain high amounts of alcohol and drinking too many of them can leave your head spinning. or worse.

Colourful cocktails are deceptively easy to drink but can sometimes contain vast quantities of alcohol

The Zombie is a fruity cocktail made from three different types of rum, lime juice, falernum, Angostura bitters, Pernod, grenadine, cinnamon syrup and grapefruit juice

Made with high-proof alcohol and hardly any mixers, these ten cocktails are sure to floor even the hardiest of drinker.

From Jungle Juice and Caribou Lou to Negroni, Death In The Afternoon and Sazerac, Femail reveals the 10 most alcoholic cocktails in the world.

According to, men should not regularly drink more than three to four units of alcohol a day. Women should not regularly drink more than two to three units a day. One alcohol unit equals one 25ml single measure of spirits.

A smooth, fruity cocktail originally served heated, the Zombie was concocted in the 1930s by Donn Beach, a restaurant owner in Hollywood. The cocktail's ingredients were a heavily guarded secret.

However, according to the original recipe, published in drinks book Sippin' Safari, the drink was made from three different kinds of rum, lime juice, falernum, Angostura bitters, Pernod, grenadine, and 'Don's Mix,' a combination of cinnamon syrup and grapefruit juice.

The cocktail is so strong that Don The Beachcomber restaurants limit their customers to two Zombies apiece.

What makes this so alcoholic?

Three types of rum: 40 per cent ABV

Angostura bitters: 44.7 per cent ABV

This cocktail is made fresh fruits which have been steeped overnight in an entirely bottle of grain alcohol before being served up, in the style of punch, to unsuspecting drinkers.

The recipe for this particular drink comes from The Bartender’s Black Book by Stephen Kittredge Cunningham.

To bring down the alcohol levels, you can add a mixer like lemonade although this is frowned upon.

Connoisseurs say that when it is made correctly it doesn't taste anything like alcohol at all.

What makes this so alcoholic?

1 litre bottle of grain alcohol: 95 per cent ABV

A classic concoction of champagne and absinthe, this luxe cocktail was invented by Ernest Hemingway and is also called Hemingway Champagne.

Relatively simple to make, the recipe's original instructions appear in 1935 cocktail book and were contributed by Hemingway himself, who wrote: 'Pour one jigger absinthe into a champagne glass. Add iced champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink three to five of these slowly.'

The drink rarely appears on menus but can be ordered from bartenders.

What makes this so alcoholic?

Champagne: 12 per cent alcohol

Jungle Juice (left) is made by steeping fruits overnight in 100 per cent grain alcohol. This Negroni (right) contains equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth

Considered by some to be the strongest cocktail in the world, this drink contains 100 per cent alcohol, with absolutely no mixers.

Gin, vodka, absinthe, brandy and blackberry liquor are mixed together in equal parts for a dastardly drink that will certainly pack a punch.

According to folklore, the drink was created by the mixed-race daughter of a slave owner in 1800s Alabama.

Roberta was said to have fled her abusive home before turning to prostitution. She then moved on to the moonshine business where she used to sell this drink to her customers looking to drown their sorrows.

What makes this so alcoholic

Vodka: 40 per cent alcohol

Brandy: 40 per cent alcohol

Blackberry liquor: 40 per cent alcohol

Absinthe: 45 per cent alcohol

Typically an after-dinner drink, the Russian Nicolashka comprises a double shot of vodka, espresso powder, lemon and sugar.

The concoction is consumed by first putting the lemon, sugar and coffee in the mouth, before taking one shot of vodka. The mixture is kept in the mouth and slowly chewed before being swallowed. The second shot of vodka comes swiftly after.

It's a relatively simple drink but is strong, with drinkers claiming that keeping the alcohol in the mouth allows it to be absorbed faster into the blood stream. And while booze itself is said to slow the circulation, caffeine from the espresso, together with the vitamin C from the lemon, combine with the sugar to increase blood circulation, making the alcohol reach the brain swiftly.

What makes this so alcoholic

There are various ways to make Sazerac but once again the best recipe is in the drink bible The Bartender’s Black Book.

The recipe here calls for between two to four ounces of Peychaud’s Bitters and two ounces of rye whiskey, with one cube of sugar.

But what elevates this cocktail is the coating of absinthe on the inside of the chilled glass, which adds extra potency to the drink.

The higher the alcohol content of the whisky you use, the more lethal the drink becomes.

Apple Toddy

How do you like them apples? If the answer is baked, this is the cocktail for you. Baked apples are a unique cocktail ingredient, and they add a delightful sweetness to applejack, cognac or bourbon. Top it all with water and garnish with grated nutmeg, and revel in the taste of apple pie.

19 Healthy Cocktail Recipes That Still Taste Delicious

Cutting down on calories doesn't have to mean cutting out alcohol entirely.

Trying to cut back on the calories? Usually, when people want to shed some pesky pounds alcohol is the first thing they cut back on (looking at you dry January), but there are plenty of ways to stay on track with your goals and still enjoy a cocktail at the bar with friends. The key is scour the cocktail menu and opt for healthy choices like sticking to soda water mixers, clear, high proof spirits, and fresh fruits, herbs, honey or agave. Once you know what to look for it's easy to avoid cocktail's deadly "sugar trap", but the best way to know what's in your drink is for you to brush up on your mixologist skills and whip up some cocktails at home. We've selected 19 of the best health-conscious and easy-to-make recipes to enjoy that will satisfy your cocktail cravings without the extra calories.

6 oz Don Julio Reposado tequila
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 avocado (remove skin and pit)
Pinch of salt
Chili lime salt

Combine the tequila, lime juice, avocado, and salt into a blender with 2.5 cups of crushed ice. Blend until texture is smooth. Pour into a rocks glass rimmed with chili lime salt over ice. Garnish with cilantro and a lime.

2 oz gin
.25 oz elderflower liqeuer
.75 oz bianco vermouth
.75 oz lemon juice
4-5 slice of cucumber, quartered
1 egg white
Cucumber and lemon to zest

Slice your cucumber into quarters, add them along with the gin, elderflower liqueur, vermouth, and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker. Muddle the ingredients. Add the egg white and ice and shake until it's frothy. Double strain into a coup glass and let it settle. Zest lemon and cucumber on top for garnish.

3 grapefruits (juiced)
.75 oz lime
.75 oz agave
Thyme garnish

Light thyme on fire. Catch smoke in snifter glass and cover with a coaster. Add the grapefruit juice, lime, and agave to a cocktail shaker, and shake. Strain into the smoked glass and garnish with charred thyme.

Courtesy of Kristine Sorrano at Añejo

2 oz Wódka vodka
.75 oz HG Golden Roots syrup
1 oz pineapple juice
.5 oz lemon juice

Add ingredients to a shaker and whip shake, pour into vessel and garnish with a mint sprig.

Courtesy of WestEnd Kitchen & Bar at Hutton Hotel in Nashville

1.5 oz Milagro Silver
.5 oz agave nectar
1.5 oz fresh lime juice

Pour all ingredients into a Boston shaker. Shake and strain over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Courtesy of Jaime Salas, National Milagro Ambassador

1 oz vodka (80 proof)
.75 oz OM Meyer Lemon & Ginger Liqueur
.5 oz lime juice
Ginger beer

Pour all ingredients into an ice-filled copper mug. Garnish with candied ginger on a cocktail pick.

1.5 ozcognac (80 proof)
.75 oz OM Coconut & Lychee liqueur
.75 oz lemon juice
Lychee for garnish.

Rim the outside a quarter inch of a cocktail glass with sugar. Set aside. Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into sugar-crusted glass. Serve with lychee on a cocktail pick.

1.5 oz vodka
.5 oz lemon juice
Lemon slice

Add your vodka and lemon juice with ice to your shaker. Shake. Pour over ice. Top with ice. Garnish with lemon.

1.5 oz Angel's Envy Port finished Bourbon
.5 oz lemon juice
.5 oz honey syrup
1 Dash absinthe
6-8 concord grapes (frozen)
1 thyme sprig
Soda water

Pour a splash of soda water over ice in a Collins glass. Add all ingredients, minus soda water, into a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into glass and then add soda water. Garnish with frozen grapes.

Calorie Count: 90

2 oz scotch
Soda water
Lemon peel

Pour scotch over large cubes of ice. Top with soda water. Garnish with lemon peel.

Courtesy of Emily Arden Wells for Gastronomista.

2 oz whisky
1 oz apricot preserves
.5 oz lemon juice
Apricot slices

Combine the preserves, whisky and lemon juice in a shaker with ice. Shake. Pour cocktail over ice. Garnish with apricot slice.

1 oz orange liqueur
1 oz pomegranate vodka
1 lime

Combine all in a shaker filled with ice. Shake thoroughly. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with lime or pomegranate seeds.

Vermouth at your discretion
Wedge of lemon/orange

Pour vermouth over large cube of ice. Garnish with a citrusy peel of lemon or orange.

Courtesy of Emily Arden Wells for Gastronomista.

1 bunch of fresh mint
1 teaspoons powdered sugar (less calories than simple syrup)
Crushed ice
1.5 oz bourbon
1 tablespoon water

Shred mint and place with 1 tsp powdered sugar in bottom of glass. Muddle together. Add crushed ice generously, followed by bourbon, and water. Stir. Garnish with mint.

Courtesy of Jennifer Blumin and James Ramsey for Bon Apetit

3 oz prosecco
2 oz Aperol
Splash of soda
Orange slice

Pour Prosecco over ice. Add Aperol and a splash of soda. Garnish with orange.

.75 glass very chilled white wine
.75 glass very chilled club soda
Slice of Lime

Pour wine to fill half the glass. Add club soda. Garnish with lime on the rim.

Courtesy of Ree Drummond for Food Network

2 oz rum (80 proof)
1 handful mint leaves
Lime (halved)
Club soda
1 sprig mint, for garnish

Use a tall glass, first pour rum. Shred and break mint leaves before combining with rum. Juice half of the lime into beverage. Top with ice, fill with club soda and add a sprig of mint.

Courtesy of Maureen Petrosky, for Today

1 oz 80 proof vodka
2 oz orange juice
4 oz seltzer

Drop ice in 8 oz glass Combine vodka and orange juice. Fill remainder with seltzer.

Courtesy of Kelly Fitzpatrick for Greatist.

1 tsp pomegranate seeds
4 oz champagne
.5 tsp store bought pomegranate juice
1 tsp cassis

Drop the pomegranate seeds into a Champagne flute. Pour champagne into flute, add pomegranate juice and cassis.

We got her to give us some tips to keep handy while making your own cocktail | Tips and Tricks For The Perfect Cocktail

1. Plan the cocktail menu in advance, then calculate the amount of liquor and other ingredients you will need. An overstocked bar is better than running out.2. Ready the bar - squeeze juices, prepare garnishes and lay out the glasses to make the process of mixing quicker.3. Have plenty of clean, clear, aged ice on hand. The key to success lies in stocking up loads of ice. The more rocks the merrier.4. Now that you've got the ice, it's time to fill up the glasses. That's the first lesson in mixing a drink. Ice goes in first, followed by spirit and everything else.5. The other integral elements are the bits and pieces that go in to elevate the most ordinary cocktail to great heights like lemons, oranges, mint leaves, starfruit , pomelo (papanus), kiwi fruit and strawberries.6. Use coloured flavoured spirits for drama and visual appeal. A splash of blue curacao as a finishing touch, a hint of Campari or a drizzle of crème de menthe works wonders.

10 Valentine’s Day Cocktails That Taste Like Falling In Love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m already planning my menu for the big night. This year, I’m thinking charcuterie, chocolate-covered strawberries and of course, some festive drinks! There are so many cute Valentine’s Day cocktails to choose from since red is such a common color for fruity alcoholic beverages, so I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up a few beautiful and delicious options to choose from. Think strawberry red, rosé pink and dragon fruit fuchsia drinks galore!

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day in with your lover, your Galentine or yourself, setting the mood (Whatever that mood may be!) with a festive cocktail is a fun way to indulge without leaving your house or breaking the bank. If you’re looking to surprise your partner, make your drinks in advance and serve them when they arrive or, make your drinks together for a sweet mixology date night. Bonus points if you make a few different options and do an entire V-Day cocktail tasting—that’s what I’ll be doing.

If you’re in that new-relationship stage and unsure if you’re getting one another gifts, planning a cocktail-making date night is a great alternative to buying something, since it still shows you care and requires effort to organize, but there’s no awkward unwrapping of a present. Problem solved!

Below, I’ve rounded up ten must-try recipes, from dragon fruit champagne cocktails to strawberry bellinis to a special little drink called Love Potion #9 guaranteed to leave your partner head over heels. I even threw in a non-alcoholic pink hot chocolate for anyone looking to cozy up without the risk of a hangover (That said, I’ll totally be spiking it). Happy Valentine’s Day!

Courtesy of Lipgloss and Crayons.

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