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7 Healthy Aldi Finds Hitting Stores in June

7 Healthy Aldi Finds Hitting Stores in June

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We love a good bargain, and this month’s Aldi finds deliver on the deals!

Aldi rarely disappoints with their monthly “finds”—or limited edition items—and this month is no exception! From portable snacks to delectable seafood, there are plenty of healthy items to try in June.

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Here, our 7 favorite Aldi finds coming to stores this June.

Flavored Hummus

Move over, plain hummus! These three flavors—Buffalo, Garlic Kale, and Pineapple Jalapeno—are the new kids in town. They all hit Aldi stores on 6/5 and cost $1.99 each. Set them out at your next party, and wait for guests to rave.

Marinated Swordfish Steaks

These pre-marinated, wild-caught swordfish steaks are an easy and flavorful way to get in your two recommended servings of seafood per week. Each bag feeds two adults, and comes in three flavors: Savory Butter & Herb, Tangy Citrus & Onion, and Sizzling Sriracha. All three varieties will be available in stores starting on 6/12, and retail for $7.99 each.

Peanut Butter With Flaxseed and Chia

Mark your calendar for 6/12, because we feel like this superfood-smattered product will be popular with peanut butter-obsessed Aldi shoppers this summer (especially since it’s just $2.29 per jar!) Take your PB&J sandwich to a new level, blend a spoonful into a smoothie, or stir it into your morning oatmeal—any way you try it, it’s bound to add major texture and flavor!

Chunky Guacamole

This 16-ounce container of chunky guac is perfect for setting out at your next summer BBQ. It’s available in stores on 6/12, and is just $4.99. Go ahead and scoop up one of these—you couldn’t make it cheaper yourself!

Kale Chips

It’s totally fine to indulge your chip craving every once in awhile! While these kale chips aren’t a substitute for fresh veggies, they’re a little healthier than regular ol’ potato chips. And they come in three yummy varieties—Lemon & Olive Oil, Sea Salt, and Dill Pickle. They hit stores on 6/12, and are just $2.19 a bag. Score!

Pomegranate Vinegar

Pomegranate vinegar is a delicious way to infuse fruity flavor into salad dressings and marinades. Pro tip: It’s also heavenly when reduced with a tiny bit of sugar and spooned over vanilla or pistachio ice cream. Pick up a bottle on 6/12 for $2.89 and get to experimenting!

Chia Bars

We can’t wait for these organic, chia-packed snack bars to hit stores on 6/12. They come in two flavors—Dark Chocolate & Cherry and Pumpkin Seeds & Cranberry—and we think they’d be perfect for long hikes or packing in your kid’s summer camp lunchbox. Each box has five bars and costs just $2.89. Talk about a bargain!


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