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Semifreddo with nougat

Semifreddo with nougat

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Semifreddo with nougat recipe from of 02-07-2012 [Updated on 10-07-2012]

To inaugurate the new site this morning I give you the recipe to prepare an easy, fresh and creamy semifreddo, the nougat semifreddo. This parfait has climbed the rating of the spoon desserts I have prepared so far, placing itself in first place. Also this time I pasteurized the eggs because I am terrified of using raw eggs in desserts and also this time I made single portions to keep in the freezer and take out if necessary and since they are finished for a long time, I will re-prepare the semifreddo with nougat as soon as possible.
This morning I also wanted to remind you that in a few hours the first misya culinary contest with the title 'colors in the kitchen' will start, it is a competition organized on the facebook page of our website to which you can register with your own recipe inspired by colors summer. The contest closes on Monday 9 July and the three recipes that will get the most 'likes' will be rewarded with a set of dishes, a coffee set and a kitchen clock. To register and read the rules and the prizes up for grabs in detail, register for the Contest. I just have to say goodbye and wish you a sweet start to the week; *
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  • Ingredients for 8 molds:


How to make nougat semifreddo

Coarsely chop the nougat

Whip the cream
Prepare a syrup by boiling the water and sugar for 10 minutes

Separate the yolks from the whites.
Beat the egg whites in a bowl and when they are firm, add half the sugar syrup flush along the side of the bowl. Whip until the bowl cools down.

In a larger bowl, whip the egg yolks with the other half of the syrup (which in the meantime you will have reheated to a boil) and beat until the bowl cools.

Add the nougat to the bowl with the egg yolks and mix

Now add the egg whites

And finally add the cream and mix gently until a homogeneous cream is obtained

Put the nougat semifreddo in single-serving molds and place in the freezer to cool for 3 hours

Turn the nougat parfait upside down on a plate, garnish to taste and serve

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