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Pumpkin bread

Pumpkin bread

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Pumpkin Bread Recipe from of 30-10-2016 [Updated on 27-07-2018]

I adore this pumpkin bread, its color, its scent and its softness immediately won me over. In addition to being good, this bread embellishes the table thanks to its shape that resembles a pumpkin, maybe you can make it together with the sandwiches that I proposed some time ago, it will really be a joy to be enjoyed also for the eyes;) This morning already we are in action, today another city tour awaits us, this time we go to the seafront in via Caracciolo, oh yes friends, for this long weekend of celebration I decided to be a little tourist of my city and rediscover places and typical dishes of the my Naples. I hope you too can spend a happy weekend, I hug you and leave you to my pumpkin bread, kisses: *


How to make pumpkin bread

Cut the pumpkin into cubes and steam it for 20 minutes or in the microwave for 7/8 minutes as I did.
Once cooked, blend it and let it cool.

Put the flour in a bowl, make a hole in the center and, once cooled, pour the pumpkin puree.
Knead gradually adding the water with the yeast dissolved inside.

Add salt and oil and mix until you get a soft and homogeneous dough.
Now form a ball then let it rise for a couple of hours or until doubled.

Deflate the dough and form a ball that you will put directly on the baking tray lined with parchment paper, then let it rise for another 40 minutes.

After this time, with a well-sharpened small knife make horizontal cuts on the surface.
Brush with oil then spread the pumpkin seeds on top. Bake at 200 ° in a preheated oven and cook for about 35 minutes.

Once cooked, let it cool completely before slicing and serving.

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