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Prawns in batter

Prawns in batter

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Prawns in batter recipe of 05-09-2013 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

Hello everyone, these prawns in batter are not good, more so and they give me the feeling of still being on vacation, yes because they remind me of lunches on the Mojito beach in Rhodes! The batter is prepared only with water and flour and is flavored with lemon, a pinch of salt and voilà served an easy and tasty fish appetizer that convinced even the hubby, who is always a little hostile towards the dishes. fish base;) Well friends, if you like prawns you should definitely try to prepare them following this recipe (if possible with fresh prawns), perhaps for a dinner for two. I say goodbye and get back to work, today is Thursday and the family dinners are resuming, so I have to give myself a move if I want to get free in time to go to cook, kiss kisses


How to make battered prawns

Clean the prawns (click here to see the step by step procedure)
Shell the prawns leaving only the tails;

put the flour, salt and lemon juice in a bowl and pour the sparkling mineral water, mixing well so that no lumps of flour form;

dip the prawns in the batter;

heat the oil very well in a pan;
immerse the prawns in boiling oil and fry, turning them 1-2 times, until lightly browned, then, take them out with a skimmer and place them in a tray on top of kitchen paper towels, to absorb excess oil;

continue in this way until all the prawns are fried;
serve hot with green salad.

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