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Escarole salad

Escarole salad

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Escarole salad recipe of 07-01-2020

L'escarole salad is a recipe from my friend, as well as well-known pizza chef, Davide Civitiello: he actually seasoned the pizza with this salad, putting everything raw on the already cooked base. I liked the whole so much that I decided to replicate and publish the recipe also on my blog, in order to make it available to you too. In short, if you want a different salad than usual, or if you want to try your hand at a pizza with a particular dressing, this could be the recipe for you;)
With this escarole salad, light but tasty, I declare the Christmas period officially over and I give you my best wishes for a good return to the office, to school and to normalcy in general: *


How to make escarole salad

First clean the escarole (removing the harder outer leaves and the stem at the base) and wash it thoroughly under running water.

Pitted the olives, desalt the capers, and wash and cut the cherry tomatoes.

Then begin to assemble the salad: put the chopped endive in a bowl, add olives, capers and cherry tomatoes, then season with pecorino and anchovy sauce.

The escarole salad is ready: serve it immediately.

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