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Creamed Jerusalem artichokes

Creamed Jerusalem artichokes

Cream of Jerusalem artichoke recipe of 20-02-2016 [Updated on 18-04-2017]

The Jerusalem artichoke soup is a light and tasty recipe, perfect for the hubby's diet. As I have already told you, lately I have been greatly appreciating this tuber with a delicate flavor similar to a potato but with fewer calories and with many beneficial properties and I am often preparing it both in the oven and in risotto and I find it delicious. In this recipe I served the Jerusalem artichoke soup with sautéed mushrooms and a drizzle of raw oil and we literally licked our chops;) Today, last day in Verona, these days I tasted some really interesting dishes, the ones that made me hit the most were the dai bigoli with goose ragout, stew with amarone and radicchio ravioli and then polenta, mammamia here how polenta is good! This morning last ride to see the Castelvecchio bridge and then fly home. So I greet you and leave you to this delicious velvety; *


How to make Jerusalem artichoke soup

Peel the potatoes and Jerusalem artichoke and cut everything into chunks
Put the pieces of Jerusalem artichoke in a bowl with water and lemon. This is to prevent it from blackeningChop the shallot and sauté it in a saucepan with a drizzle of oil. Then add the potatoes and the Jerusalem artichoke drained from the water
Stir to flavor in the sauce, then cover with the boiling broth.
Continue cooking adding hot broth as needed, it will take about half an hour.
Once the vegetables are cooked, season with salt, then blend everything with an immersion mixer.

You will need to obtain a smooth and homogeneous velvety.

Serve the Jerusalem artichoke cream with some freshly seared mushrooms in a pan and a drizzle of raw oil

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