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Salty garland

Salty garland

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Salty Garland Recipe of of 24-12-2016 [Updated on 12-02-2018]

There is no Christmas without garlands! Whether it is placed outside the door of the house or inside, hung on the wall or as a centerpiece, if the Christmas wreath is also gastronomic it is even better, don't you think? To prepare the salty garland I mostly chose broccoli and shredded lettuce leaves to give that more real feel of the same and embellished it with a cute red bow ... to eat!
I bet you already have everything at home so why not add this course to your Christmas menu? Well girls, I take advantage of this post to send you my dearest Christmas wishes, I wish you not to scramble too much in these days between cooking and services, but more than anything else to enjoy the company and love of the people you love. Tonight I will celebrate with my family and we will wait together for midnight and Santa Claus, Elisa is very excited and I will let myself be infected by her Christmas spirit. I know that you have made many of the recipes that I have proposed to you and therefore I will be with you for a while at the table in these days and it does me honor and pleasure, what else to tell you ... a big kiss and Merry Christmas: *


How to make the salty garland

Start by rolling out the pizza dough.

With the help of a small glass, form many circles.
Transfer them, giving them the shape of a garland, in a baking tray lined with parchment paper and sprinkle them with oil.

Cook at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare small strips of roasted pepper and boiled broccoli.

Stuff the garland with fresh cheese, lettuce and then cover with broccoli.
Finally put some small pieces of peppers and form a small bow with them, then add salt.

Your salty garland is ready to be brought to the table.



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