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Hake in crust and cornflakes

Hake in crust and cornflakes

I like hake because I was used to it in my youth. It was the only saltwater fish that was easily found in stores. It has a firm flesh and the advantage of being boneless, only with the spine. With a little care you can easily debone it. I have been left wet from the breading of the fish. I quickly found its use, preparing some cakes that completed the menu in a unique way.

  • 4 pieces of hake
  • 200 gr of flour
  • 2 lamai
  • 1 or
  • salt
  • pepper
  • frying oil
  • tomatoes and lettuce for frying

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Hake in cod and corn flakes:

  • The fish is washed, deboned and cut in half.

  • Season the fish with pepper, salt and squeeze the lemon on top.

  • Let the fish marinate for at least 15 minutes.

  • Heat the oil.

  • Pass the hake through the cornmeal and fry in hot oil on both sides.

  • Remove the fish on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

  • Because I was left with cornmeal, slightly moistened with fish taste, I quickly found use.

  • I mixed corn flour with a beaten egg and salted.

  • I took the composition thus prepared and with a spoon I put small cakes in the hot oil.

  • Fry the cakes on both sides.

  • These cakes completed the plate with hake in a unique way. At the same time, I didn't waste it.

  • Serve the hot hake with cornflakes, lemon slices and your favorite vegetables.

  • Good appetite !!!!

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Lemon has the role of giving firmness to the fish For this reason it is good to marinate the fish with lemon juice

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