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Gerardo's spaghetti with oil and garlic recipe

Gerardo's spaghetti with oil and garlic recipe

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When the cupboards are bare and your friends or family are hungry, you can always rely on this super simple and fast spaghetti!

4 people made this

IngredientsServes: 4

  • 450g spaghetti
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 5 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • freshly ground black pepper

MethodPrep:5min ›Cook:10min ›Ready in:15min

  1. Cook the pasta with salt following the directions on the packet; drain and set aside.
  2. Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat, add garlic.
  3. Toss the hot cooked spaghetti with oil and garlic, add black pepper to taste and stir thoroughly. Serve.

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Simply perfect. A tasty meal or side dish in the time it takes to cook the pasta.-17 Sep 2012

Gerardo's spaghetti with oil and garlic recipe - Recipes

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May 18, 2013

Kissing the Feet of Two Volcanoes: Amecameca, State of Mexico

This article about the volcano Popocatépetl, published just over a y ear ago, is once again appropriate.  Don Goyo (the volcano's nickname) is even more active today than it was twelve months ago.

The active volcano Popocatépetl is the second-highest mountain in Mexico at 5,452 meters (17,887 feet) above sea level.  Some sources say that Popocatépetl is slightly higher than those quoted figures.  Only the Pico de Orizaba (5,610 meters or 18,406 feet) is higher.  All photos by Mexico Cooks! unless otherwise noted.

During the last few weeks, Mexico City's newspapers have been full of information about Popocatépetl, the Náhuatl word for 'smoking mountain'.  This volcano, which sits in the very back yard of the city, has once again been growling and grumbling and belching gases, steam, smoke, and red-hot ash.  Its last major eruption was in December of 2000 and everyone in this vicinity hopes the mountain won't explode again.

Popocatépetl, 1953.  Taken as a young man by my good friend Roger Hagan, this magnificent photograph lets us see how both the shape of the mountain and its cap of snow have changed during the last 60 years.  The photograph appears in Roger Hagan's remarkable book, Mexico 1953.  Photo courtesy Roger Hagan. 

In mid-April of 2012, curiousity and excitement about Popocatépetl's current activities led us to make a Sunday afternoon trip to Amecameca in the State of Mexico, the town closest to the volcano from our Mexico City neighborhood.  The town is southeast of Mexico City and we were there in a bit over an hour.  Had we not stopped along the way to take photographs, we could have arrived sooner.

Popocatépetl erupting, December 2000.  Video courtesy NBC News.

The alert system for possible eruptions ranges from green (no danger) to red (extreme eruption).  Currently, Popocatépetl has been at Alert Phase 3 Yellow (magma flow and growing explosions) for about three weeks.  Phase 3 Yellow is the alert just before red.  In spite of the high alert level, no evacuations from towns around the volcano have been ordered.  Click the link for updates to the 'semáforo de alertas' (alert system stoplight): ALERTAS

Iztaccíhautl, the sleeping woman, lies northeast of Popocatépetl and east of the town of Amecameca in the State of Mexico.  Mexico Cooks! took this photo from the atrium of the Templo de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Church of Our Lady of the Assumption) in Amecameca you can see one of the church arches in the foreground.  The photo shows Iztaccíhuatl's head (far left) and chest.

Full view of volcano Iztaccíhuatl.  Her head is at the far left in the photo.  The clouds are in fact due to the accumulation of steam and ash emitted by Popocatépetl, just out of camera range to the right.  The northwestern sky (behind me as I took the picture) was clear blue and brilliantly sunny.

Of course there is a romantic legend about Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhautl.  At the beginning of history, when the Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Anáhuac and before the mountains had reached their permanent form, a beautiful princess named Mixtli was born in the city of Tenochtitlán--today's Mexico City.  She was the daughter of Tizoc, the Tlatoani Emperor of the Mexicas (to be known later as the Aztecs).  Mixtli was sought after by numerous noblemen, among them Axooxco, a cruel and bloodthirsty man, who demanded the hand of Mixtli in marriage.  However, Mixtli's heart belonged instead to a humble peasant named Popoca.  Popoca went into battle, to conquer the title of Caballero Aguila (Eagle Knight).  If he claimed this title of nobility, Popoca would then be able to fight Axooxco for the hand of Mixtli.

Popoca carries his beloved Mixtli to the snowy mountains.

Mixtli knew the danger Popoca faced in this trial.  Finally a messenger brought the news that he had been killed in battle.  But the messenger was wrong: Popoca was returning victorious.  Not realizing this, Mixtli killed herself, rather than live without Popoca. 

When Popoca returned to find Mixtli dead, he picked her up and carried her body into the mountains.  Hoping that the cold snow would wake her from sleep to reunite them, Popoca crouched at her feet until he froze there while he prayed for her to awaken.

They have remained there ever since.  The body of Mixtli became the volcano Iztaccíhuatl (the Sleeping Woman), the ever-watchful Popoca became the volcano Popocatépetl (the Smoking Mountain).  The evil Axooxco became the Cerro Ajusco (the highest point of the Distrito Federal).  These volcanoes tower above Mexico City and the romantic legend of this couple has been passed on since the pre-Columbian era as a symbol of enduring and faithful love.

Popocatépetl exhales a huge cloud of steam, gases, and ash on April 18, 2012.  Photo courtesy Notimex.

The volcano is generally known by a local nickname: don Goyo.  Don is an honorific used to address or refer to any respected well-known man Goyo is a nickname for Gregorio, in this instance specifically referring to San Gregorio (St. Gregory).  Legend says that the volcano once erupted on San Gregorio's March 12 feast day and subsequently received the nickname, but the volcano's feast day (yes, he has one!) is celebrated annually on May 2.  On that date, some local residencts carry gifts to the volcano: blankets and una copita (a shot of liquor) to keep him warm, and they pay him their continuing respects.  As the white-haired toll booth attendant said when we told him we were on our way to pay a visit to don Goyo, "Be careful up there!  He's making all this racket while he's sober--imagine if he had already had his tequila!"

The volcano on the night of April 24, 2012.  Streams of molten lava flow down the sides of the crater while fire, steam, smoke, and sparks rise high into the evening sky.  The volcano is so loud that some residents find it hard to get a good night's sleep.  Photo courtesy MSNBC.

During volcanic activity of this kind, the world keeps turning.  Residents in the several towns nearest the volcano go about their normal daily lives while keeping one eye on the top of the mountain and one ear out for the latest alerts.  In Amecameca, a delightful old gentleman stopped to chat with us on the street while we were letting a local woman take a close look at the volcano through the camera's telephoto lens.  "You know," he ruminated, "we still have to shop, cook, eat, and sleep even though we also have to be prepared for. " he laughed and threw his arms high into the air.  "In case it blows!" 

Life goes on: inside the municipal market in Amecameca, people shop for food, gossip with their neighbors, and laugh at the latest jokes.  Click on any photo to enlarge it for a better view.

Our new guide  continued, "You should go outside town for a better view.  It's easy to get there. "  He proceeded to give excellent directions for heading to the east into the foothills at the base of the volcano.  We shook his hand and followed his directions as far as we could, but the rutted, stone-filled path we were driving outside Amecameca was too difficult for our vehicle.  We turned onto another, even smaller road that took us to the crest of a hill.  From there, we had an unobstructed view of the two lovers, Iztaccíhautl and Popocatépetl.  While the wind blew from behind us, we watched as don Goyo sighed several times, sending heavy plumes of steam and ash into the heavens and away from Amecameca. 

As the volcano steams and roars, commerce continues as it has for thousands of years.  Amecameca has a huge Sunday market in the church atrium outside Templo de Nuestra Señora de la Asunciòn.  The peaches, bright-green oval chilacayotes, and round calabacitas (zucchini-type squash) are offered for sale piled up in pyramids, the traditional vendors' display method.

Will the volcano blast off into a major eruption?  Will it calm down and wait till another time?  No one really knows for sure, not even the scientists who monitor its activity.  On April 25, the winds shifted and small amounts of ash began to rain down on Amecameca and some of the other nearby towns.  We're watching, along with the rest of the populace.  And meantime, our lives go on as usual.

Looking for a tailored-to-your-interests specialized tour in Mexico? Click here: Tours.

Caray, Caray!

Diogénes: ¡Se desmayó!
Nina: ¿Se desmayó?
Max: ¿Se desmayó?

I think there's an echo en la casa Tifón!

Random thoughts not in any particular order:

So there is Tessalia, with the help of Ivana, removing the hair from her legs in the middle of the living room. Some things should really be done in private.

Wow! The family traveled back to Rio in a vintage VW bus. Too bad they burned out the motor.

I thought that paella was also a Portuguese dish because I have had it in Portuguese restaurant (here in the US. I've never been to Portugal). It's spelled "paelha."

Carmina is beyond cruel by telling Ágata that she's fatter than before she left. And we can't blame Carmina's present state because she certainly would have told her that anyway.

Ágata in the bus. Oh gross!

Did you catch Monalisa and Beverly commenting on Carmina's hair? "Horrible!"

I'm not a fan of ball-gown wedding dresses but I did like Suelen's. The veil was particularly nice.

Avenida: Carmina treats that girl so bad, smh. Lol at the echo comment. So true.

The way Carmina treats Agatha would be enough reason from me to leave her and take the kid with me, if I were Tifon.

The episode was actually really fun and funny. At first it seemed like we were going to have yet another 2 hours of Nina torturing Carmina. Ya! Basta! But then we got the wedding, the VW bus ride (reminded me of Little Miss Sunshine), and Suelen, Rony, Dio, and "Sonia" getting frisky post wedding.

So, what's the verdict on Rony? They are still leaving the question of his sexuality out there. Shy? Gay? Or what? He and Suelen looked lovely at the wedding and had a fun time on the honeymoon.

Jorgito continues to annoy me with his tantrums, pouting, bad humor, lack of humor, and then his hissy fit about Deborah possibly moving on. Hey, Jorgito. she's your EX girlfriend. You dumped her, remember?

On En Otra Piel: are they're going by the original TN ?

Deb, thanks for commenting on Christian Tappan and his performances. I have only seen him in this and LRDS. He is fantastic in La Promesa which I feel is a very interesting novela. A story covering the brutality of the human trafficing trade and not glamorizing it in any way is important. I hope it opens a few eyes and ears. It would be interesting to hear what else you think about this novela, if you have time. I am also enjoying you and Hombre's comments on Camellia d'T.


After getting a “summons” from Elena letting him know that Ernesto is out with Camila, and they can mess up his sheets to their hearts’ content, Gerardo gets in his car obediently. Mondriana jumps into the passenger seat and tells him not to say a word just take her to the lake cottage.

Ernesto pours it on thick at the restaurant, flattering Camila to a ridiculous degree. He insists that he knows the owner of the restaurant so it’s ok for an under 21 like herself to have a glass of wine. He has her taste the wine and do the wine sniffing thing. He asks her about Paris and gets her to say a few words in French. I’m getting an upset stomach.

Diego is at El Malquerido and is approached by some vaguely sinister looking guy who tells him Maite said he was a good mechanic. He mentions a job he might have for Diego, something special [sounds fishy to me].

In the same bar Ricardo is yelling at poor Rodrigo at the top of his lungs about the check from Mónica Serrano that just showed up. Rodrigo swears he doesn’t remember Mónica giving him that envelope. The Little Prince snarls that maybe he was too drunk to remember. Ricardo says he made him lose a year’s schooling plus made things worse with Elena, since he accused her of not paying his tuition. Gabriel angrily tries to stick up for his father.

Ricardo storms out, and Rodrigo follows him still vainly trying to get him to listen. A robber approaches the Little Prince, who brushes him off contemptuously, saying he’s not going to give him anything. The robber pulls a gun to shoot at Ricardo, but Rodrigo has jumped in front and takes the bullet. Ricardo manages to kick the gun out of the guy’s hand, but the crook then pulls a knife. Diego has come out of the bar and saves the boys, but the robber still manages to get away. Rodrigo lies in the street with a chest wound.

At Casa Serrano Marta has one of those “feelings” that something has happened. She and Lorena then talk. Lorena says that the governess, Mónica, gives her a strange feeling. She feels like she’s hiding things from them. And she seems to know so much about them. Lorena also felt like the governess was trying to give her a message from Mónica.

Mondriana and Gerardo arrive at the lake house. He puts one of Mónica’s piano sonatas on a turntable. He starts to tell Mondriana how beautiful she is. She tells him to make love to her, that a night with him is what she needs. We see a very passionate scene of the two of them in bed…and then we see Elena in another sexy, black nightie sipping champagne and waiting for Gerardo.

We get the stereotypical scene in the hospital of the relatives running alongside the stretcher in the corridor, while the hospital orderlies try to get the person into emergency.

Elena drinks some more champagne, her body shakes nervously, and she looks like el mismísimo Diablo con fuego en el ojo.

At the hospital, Ricardo thanks Diego for saving them from the robber. He says that he’ll never forgive himself if his father dies.

After the hot scene, Mondriana and Gerardo cuddle up in bed. He tells her it was marvelous, as if their bodies had known each other forever. He starts plotting about how they’ll continue…perhaps meeting here at the lake house, or… She shushes him.

Elena finished the whole bottle of champagne, then throws empty and both glasses into the trash! She calls Ernesto asking if he knows where Gerardo could be.


Ricardo says he can’t bear to think about Rodrigo dying without their having reconciled. The doctor who has examined Rod comes out and…como siempre … “es grave” A lung was punctured by the bullet and there’s only a slim chance he’ll survive. After the doctor leaves, Ricardo begs Gabriel’s pardon and says the whole thing was his fault.

Ernesto was doing fine in the restaurant, but he blew it in the parking lot. First he tries to drive Camila home, and then he tries to kiss her. She reminds him she just broke off with Ricardo and is not up for a relationship.

Elena stomps into Casa Serrano, perhaps a bit unsteady on her feet. She finds Gerardo’s bed empty. Then she has some memories: how hot Mondriana looked at the party and what Lorena said to her about Gerardo being after the governess. She stalks off to the Guest House. Whew! Mondriana is there. Elena insists on looking around in the tiny space and makes up some BS about having seen a shadow.

Camila finds the letter Mondriana wrote for her. It tells her how much she loves her and that she’ll always be watching over her. This seems to finally get through to Cami.

Gerardo wakes up alone, checks his phone, and calls his brother. Ernesto tells him that Elena is furious about being stood up at his apartment. Gerardo says he’s going to need some help inventing an excuse. And he admits he was with Mondriana.

Mondriana goes to check on her daughters. She tells a sleeping Emiliana that she hopes that wherever “they” send her, she’ll be able to watch Emi grow up. She looks in on Camila, but doesn’t touch her as she did Emiliana.

Ricardo tells Marta, when she arrives at the hospital, that a robber wanted to assault him, he resisted, and his father got between him and the gunman. Meeting Diego, Marta remembers seeing him at the gates of Casa Serrano. He tells her the same thing as he did then: he did not know that Mónica Serrano had died, and he was hoping she’d know something about where to find Adriana.

Gerardo gets out of his car, and Elena is standing right there breathing fire. He tells her that his car broke down and his cell phone battery died. She scoffs at this. He hands her the phone to check, but she doesn’t do it. She continues to shriek, but he says he’s tired and is going to bed.

Rodrigo survived the operation.

Emiliano tells Camila in the morning that she believes her mother spoke to her in the night and it was not a dream. Cami shows her the letter she received.

At breakfast, Vicki spills some coffee almost on Elena, who, in her usual good humor, growls asking the whereabouts of Marta. Vicki tells everyone Marta is at the hospital because her husband was shot. Emiliana says they have to go to be with Marta.

At Selma’s house Esteban says he couldn’t discover anything more about the dije. Just then Mondriana arrives, saying that she’s ready.


On Friday, Nina was dunked and almost killed by Car, who ran off into the night right to Roni and Suelen's wedding.

Nina calls Max and tells him Car ran off into the night, she doesn't want a lecture, she wants help.

Car is begging Dio for help. He doesn't get it, she wants Tifon, he is at Cabo Frio. Car tries to tell them the person that did this to her, everyone thinks is a saint but is really a demon. Mona Lisa thinks she's gone round the bend. Car se desmayo (she faints). They yell to call a Doc. Lucky for them Silas' Primo is there, ya know that Doc that checks her out. Mona Lisa also says that Car ruined this wedding.

Suelen looks gorgeous, in her wedding dress and veil. Dolores tells her what is going on out there, but no worries. When Dio and Dolores were married a Tia dropped dead of an infarto, it's not bad luck, it's actually good, alrighty then! Roni and Suelen will be so happy!

Max calls Nina and tells her, her gamble isn't paying off and she was crazy to attempt it. The phone rings and it's Dio who calls. He says that Car fainted at the wedding, he tells Nina all about her new hair color, the condition of her clothes and she wants Tifon who is in Cabo Frio. Nina is panicking.

Alexia has come to see Alexia. Noemia says she gave up her therapy appt. just to see Alexia. She accuses Noemia of messing around with Dudu/Carlitos. Nopis from Noemia. Alexia says that both Noemia and Ver are hos. Noemia says that Alexia was Carlitos' lova for years. Well, Alexia wasn't a wife. Alexia goes and Noemia is pithed.

Dio holds Car who finally comes to. Nina comes to get her and Car yells at the "demon" to not touch her. Nina hugs Car and warns her to shut it, she goes off with Nina. After they go, Dio tells Hercules, who is at the wedding to call Tifon at Cabo Frio and he does.

Dio tells Tifon what happened with Car, she fainted, not herself, she was incoherent. Tifon is surprised but glad that Dio called. After Tifon gets off the phone, of course he is going to head home. Jorgito is pithed thinking this is another stunt of Car's to get Tifon home. Tifon wonders why Nina didn't call him. So Tessa calls the house and gives Tifon the phone. Car talks to him and tells him she was alone, Nina came, she's feeling much better, as Nina hovers threatening Car. Tifon tells her he's on his way home and Nina is pithed cause her little gamble is about to come to an end. She gets on Car about going to that wedding and Car says she won't be Nina's prisoner soon.

It's back to the wedding and with tears of joy in her eyes, Suelen and Roni are finally, truly married by the Padre. The first beso (kiss) is tame, but the second goes on so long the Padre tells them to cool their jets : )

Nina is having Car serve her. Why is Car rebelling she wants to know? So in punishment or whatever is in Nina's mind, Car is tasked with washing the laundry by hand.

Tifon is leaving and the familia will leave tomorrow. Jorgito is having a fit about Car ruining the vacay.

Carlito's is at Veronica's begging to sleep on the sofa. Not allowed. He'll have to sleep in the laundry room. He is afraid to face Alexia, who just happens to come by. Ruh, Roh, Carlitos makes a beeline for the laundry room and hides in a pile of laundry. Alexia is invited up, she searches the place and finds Carlitos where he is hiding. They need a solution to this problem and he goes with Alexia.


Dolores catches Suelen's bouquet at the wedding. Dio and Dolores dance, as does Leandro and Beverly. Roni looks a bit jealous about that, and finally Suelen and Roni go off on their honeymoon.

Jan is at home when ZeZe comes by. ZeZe heard what happened to Car at the wedding, she knows someone that was there. Long story short, ZeZe is going to Car's to see what is going on and Jan tags along. They get there and see Car doing laundry by hand. They are beyond shocked. They ask if she's okay and Nina wants to know what they are doing there? ZeZe asks Car if she needs anything? They will make her something to eat and now at this point Nina's little wicked game is over.

Roni and Suelen are on their honeymoon. She never dreamed she'd kiss her hubby for the first time at the altar (they have never really kissed before). Roni wants to sleep and plugs in his ipod and goes to put his earphone on, but Suelen takes it, come with a bottle of champagne they chase each other all over the place and then drink champagne.

Car is on her bed eating spaghetti. Car wants alone time with Nina. Nina tells Car to calm down and takes her plate of spaghetti and eats too. Car is starving. Nina says this food is horrible and she drinks some juice too. ZeZe tells Jan in the kitchen she thinks Nina is blackmailing Car somehow. Jan tells Zeze not to accuse Nina of such things, but Zeze is going to keep her eye on Nina.

At the beach, the rest of the family is discussing what is going on with Car. Jorgito and Leleco really believe Car pulled this to get Tifon home, the rest not so much.

Car is mad that Nina took her food. Nina likes their little game. Car says she'll tell Tifon all when he comes home. Nina warns her that if she does, those pics will see the bright light of day. Car gets Nina on the floor and starts to choke her or fight her and Tifon walks in. When Tifon asks what the heck is going on, Car gets up and hugs Tifon and tells him not to listen to Nina. He wants to know what is going on here, she says she hasn't slept, Car says she wants to be alone with Tifon, she screams at Nina and Nina with a warning look goes off. Car tells him not to ask, just protect her and he wants to call a Doc for her. She doesn't want one, but he insists, and she doesn't want him to leave her.

Nina goes downstairs and says Tifon is back and Zeze accuses Nina of blackmailing Car. Jan warns Zeze not to say it again.

Dolores and Dio hug. He admits he saw two of her movies and really liked them. They fight a bit but now he'd like a bit of Sonia. She starts to seduce him as Sonia would, but stops and tells him Sonia is dead, can't be doing this. Dio reminds her that they are still married. She kisses him and leaves.

Car now cleaned up and in her regular sleepwear. Car says she is exhausted and Tifon will speak to the Padre to cancel some of her charity work. Car doesn't want that, she doesnt' want Tifon to leave her. Tifon tells her he loves her, mother of his kids, yadda, yadda and she wants to have her hair done. She's asleep in no time.

Next morning Nina brings the usual try for Car and Tifon is there. He goes with Nina and asks her if Car was okay while he was gone? Thinks it may have been the shock of Jorgito's accident, but Nina asks if maybe it is menopause. Tifon doesn't think it is that. Max shows up. He wants to see car, but Tifon says she's asleep. Tifon, Max and Nina go up to see Car. Tifon wakes her and tells her Max is there. Car is pithed Nina is there. She asks for eggs benedict and Nina goes and the Doc comes. Tifon goes down and Max gets all over Car about Nina, who Car insists is a demon. Max tells Car to cool it cause Nina has those pics and could send/give them to Tifon. Car wants his help. Move back in and help her out.


The family is going home in a VW bus that is bright blue. It's okay but there is a problem with the battery. They all pile in and it's chaos of course. Muricy is in front with Leleco driving and she's got to hold on to a cable or the VW will stall.

Suelen and Roni wake up with huge hangovers. Roni wants to know why they are nakkid. Suelen tells him they did it three times, he's flabbergasted, it's a crime he says and neva gonna happen again. Suelen smirks and says of course.

The family is still in the VW and it's chaos, Leleco tells Aduato to speak Spanish, Agatha has motion sickness, the bus stalls, Leleco gets it to the side of the road, sets the emergency brake and it rolls backward, but Aduato and Jorgito stop it. Agatha throws up on Muricy. Muricy and Leleco take a walk, find a waterfall, get in the water and do the deed AGAIN! They get back and the VW will be towed by another car all the way back to Divino.

Doc tells Car she's okay physically but she is stressed out and gives her tranqs to take. Car throws Nina out again and Nina has a chat with Max. Wants to know what he and Car spoke about, she wants Max to stay away from Car. Nina is pithed.

The VW gets to Divino and Jorgito gets out, not going to the house. Later, he sees Iran and Debora having a good time in the kitchen making sandwiches and is all pithed that Iran is making a play for HIS girl!

The family get home and see Car. They think she looks different, not just the hair color. Car calls Agatha fat, in fact fatter than she was before she left. Poor Agatha! Nina hugs Agatha, and Car thinks one of the family called her loca. Nina goes in to make the dinner and Tifon tells the family no questions for Car. Max is still there and talks to Ivana, she wants him back, no go from him. Ivana swears she will talk to Tifon to get him to help.

Tifon goes up to see Car, and she thinks the family thinks she's loca. Nina comes up and says that dinner is ready. Tifon goes down and Nina warns Car again about what she has. The family loves the dinner and toasts Nina, but not Car. Agatha won't eat cause of what her Mama said. Tessa and Leleco go off and so does Aduato and Muricy. Ivana talks to Tifon to get him to invest some money in a Public Relations firm for Max, but Tifon won't do it. Nina whispers to Car to stop the foolishness, but since Max left Tifon won't invest the money, it's like throwing it away. So what happens next now that Nina's little game of humiliating Car is at an end? Will it continue in another way? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Thanks Mads! It was a good episode. Two additions/corrections: Nina told Tifon that Car was taking some sort of weight loss drug and that's probably what was making her act so loopy. That's why Tifon told her how beautiful she is and asked if she wanted to look like those skinny models. And the reason Car wrestled Nina to the ground is because Nina showed her one of the blackmail pics on her phone, and Car was trying to take it away.

Yes, it will be interesting to see how Nina plays this game with the family back. We know Car won't stay down for long.

The reason Roni went from having a great time at the wedding, to looking put out is because Leandro loudly, and mockingly said that Toni is the ONLY one out if the four friends who hasn't had sex with Suelen. Classy. Just what any groom wants to be reminded of on his wedding day. It definitely affected Roni's mood from that point on. But it's still unclear to me just what he feels about Suelen.

Roni not Toni. Thanks Tablet.


Thanks for the phrase of the day. I so enjoy those : ) That scene of Car fainting at the wedding and the chaos that ensued. I felt bad for Suelen.

I too didn't like the way Car treated poor little Agatha. She really has no love for that little girl.

I agree with you about poor Agatha too. At lease Nina gives her a lot of love and affection as does Ivana and Muricy.

Yes, Jorgito! When is the guy gonna stand up and stop sniveling. He needs some avocados )

Thank you so much for the added bits and corrections. Now I wonder about Roni too. I thought he was jealous, but now I see how he was pithed. I hope Roni and Suelen make it, cause they are such a cute couple. Thanks for what Car was doing to Nina on the floor when Tifon came in. I was so surprised when Tifon came in that I wasn't paying attention. Car should know though, that after all Nina put her through, she wasn't going to get her hands on those pics that easy.

Now to my own thoughts. I am glad that torture game is over. Nina gambled and lost this one I think, except for having those pics. What I'm wondering about is how Nina goes on from here, working in that house, with Car hating her. She is going to have to walk a fine line. I will be looking forward to see how all this is handled.

Thanks for the great recap, Mads. What a great episode.

I love it when the family is together all talking at once and bickering. Agata throwing up on Muricy was classic.

Do we think that Roni and Suelen really had sex or did she just tell him that? He must be gay - nobody could be that shy!!

Carmina didn't help herself when she crashed the wedding by saying, "It was her!!" over and over instead of naming Nina. Maybe deep down she knew she couldn't blame Nina without suffering the consequences.

I was suprised that super-planner, Nina, didn't have a plan for when the family came back.

Thanks Novelera for the thorough recap. Mondriana's farewells to her daughters were touching and her sex with Gerardo was hot. Since presumably, Monica isn't going to leave Adriana's body (the novela would be over), it will be interesting to see what happens.

So now that his father might die, Ricardo is sorry that he was such a jerk. Great.

The godd thing about Camila's uptightedness (just like her mother) is that she's not going to make things easy for Ernesto. Then again, she did pick Ricardo, so maybe she's not too picky.

But who the heck picked the art in that restaurant? It'd make me want to quit eating and get to the gym.

Mireya does not fall off the cliff. As Alacran looks over, she knock him down, points a gun at her. But he convinces her that she's in a rough area of the wilds, so she goes back home with him to her father, Dionisio. He's happy to have his daughter back, but Antonio is there, and interrogates Mireya very harshly about Camelia. Mireya thinks Tony killed Cami's father, doesn't know he IS Cami's father. Tony doesn't quite tell her, although Mireya's sister, and later Alacran, are trying to eavesdrop.

Facundo is there, too, and barely avoids being seen by Alacran, who would recognize him.

Xiang is so mad at Antonio, he tries to set fire to the marijuana greenhouse. Lu stops him. He's mad that Tony is working with La Nacha, and by extension, Arnulfo, the man who killed their parents. Lu wants revenge, too, but she's not going against Antonio. So Xiang is apparently going to go back to San Francisco.

So is Allison, with Emi. First, she had agreed with Aaron they could be a family of three. But Ali's mother, who had given her the pollera business, nixes that, and commands Ali and Emi to go with her to San Francisco.

Joe, the migrant workers' boss, had locked Bernardo in a little cell, and offers Jasmine/Camelia her job. He also fires Pati. Cami doesn't want the job. Carson shows up, finds out that Cami is close by, and she sees, tells Chava she has to go, she killed her lover. Chava tries to get Pati back, she yells out that the girl you're looking for is here, pulls a knife, and in the struggle SHE gets stabbed. So Chava also has to flee, and goes off with Camelia (who digs up her knapsack of money).

They meet a Mexican soldier (in the American army, working on stopping the drugs), who takes pity on them as compatriots, and hides them in an abandoned place. Later Carson, questions this guy. Will he talk?

Hombre- I watched a couple of segments of last Friday's show at the library over the weekend, but with english captions, and was surprised at all the subtleties in the conversations, which really adds a lot of depth, and explains the characters so much more.

like when Aaron was showing off the shirt he got for Emilio, that Emilio said he lost and little emilio said, look it still has the tags on it, and Aaron started trying to pawn it off on emilio. want to try it on? some other time, emilio says.

or the story of Emilio's dad that got caught stealing and went to prison, and ended up in the dead end job at the post office, his life, his dreams, all gone, was Emilio a criminal, little emilio asks, no, he just wanted to get a head, Aaron answers.

or Arulfo's warning to Moi when telling him about his meet with la Nacha at a gas station, a person can't work for two masters, because one will kill you, (and now is he offering to work for Antonio too, helping him find Camelia)

and Jacinto wanted to know if Moi killed Alma, or if he got the finger elsewhere.

and the english on perro tisico, la Nacha toasted her old friend Arulfo, (then) whose face looks like a mangy dog, it was Camelia that did that, Moi says he heard.

ah and el Alacran's story, he was working away with his cousins, but was planning on quitting that business and moving his family to the beach, spending more time with them, but when he returned, there was a pool of blood, and he hardly recognized his wife, they had their way with her, and he never saw his beautiful daughter again, and from then on, his life has no meaning,

and you could see this in Alacran's eyes last night, when Mireya knocked him down and had the gun in his face, go ahead and shoot me.

and thanks Hombre so much for your last night's summary!

some things that struck me were,

I felt sorry for Patricia, used by Bernardo, fired and tossed away by the Jefe, then gathered up by Carson, then trying to give away Chava and Camelia, and finally stabbed (accidentally, now making Chava a criminal too), she was always giving in to the powers that be, a stark contrast to Camelia.

Lu, when Xiang pleaded their case for revenge, said her love for Antonio was stronger then their blood, (isn't that why he left)

Aaron also left, vowing to take care of Camelia, to bring closure to his new family.

and I was confused about the military place, the first thing Camelia uncovered, (did she say fungicide) was napalm, and the second, boxes of automatic rifles, and did the army guy take them to his (now closed) cantina?

is Camelia putting together the pieces that will make her the big Boss?

Hola from a new participant. The Spanish Student.

Cami and Ricardo are definitely meant for each other. Both have the same lazy sense of entitlement and despise their parent (the gender role model) due to a real or exaggerated belief that they neglected them or failed as a parent. And the feeling lasted til death for Cami and near death for Ricardo. I'm guessing they'll both have a failed relationship b4 finally coming together with some sense of maturity.

I didn't see the original but i'm hoping that Mondriana realizes what happened to her soon because the battle wiith Elena wont be an easy one. I also hope that Diego will work in the house and help Mondriana protect her family from Elena, Gerardo, and the Perv. Plus its been a while since we've seen Carlos and he's bound to find out where and how well Mondriana is living.


Jorgito isn't liking Iran with Debora. He thinks Iran moved in with him just for that.

Car calls Agatha gorda again and Tifon calls her on it. Nina takes a bit of revenge for it. She gets Car alone and tells her that these are her conditions. That she start treating the family better, especially Agatha, who she thinks of as a sister, but she knows is really Max's girl, and also that Jorgito is Max's too. She now holds that over Car's head. Oh, and raise the salaries of the servants, make it double what they make now. She wants to see that in writing now chop, chop, get to it.

Suelen and Dolores are having a little chocolate and a convo. Suelen tells Dolores that she and Roni consummated the marriage in the biblical sense, wink, wink and Dolores thanks Jesus.

Mona Lisa is looking at an apartment I think. Iran and Debora are with her and really like the place. She is undecided.

Tessa and Leleco and she's cooking. He thinks he may be a bit too old for her. Not so she says. He goes to his room and Darson and Tessa eat and he stares at her while she is eating, think 9 1/2 weeks kinda. Oh, and she wanted him to quit his job but then thinks maybe not. She thinks of him as a brother.

Car is cooking in the kitchen with Nina's help. Nina wanted her to do this too. She is making polenta and chicken, Jorgito is coming over to eat. Zeze and Jan are there as is the whole familia. Jorgito comes and thinks the whole tableau is strange including Car's hair. He notices the looks between Car and Nina and asks Nina if things are okay? Jorgito is very suspicious. The whole familia eats in the kitchen. Car says she is feeling better and announces the doubling of the salaries and Tifon likes it. Jorgito is watching Car and Nina.

Ver tells Debora she thinks Carlitos will be moving in again. Debora not so much. Says he is with his mate Alexia as it should be. Ver not so much. Debora also tells her interested in a footballer. Ver thinks it's Jorgito again. Deb tells her someone new. Ver can't believe it .

Nina is in her room and Jorgito comes. Anyone notice the keys in the lock? He thinks that Nina now is causing these problemas with Car and is now manipulating Car and blackmailing her. Is this part of her venganza? Nina just wants Car to be a better person. She wants Jorgito to believe in her, Jorgito isn't down with it. She says Car is mean to everyone. He brings up Max. She says he is part of the plan, and she's sorry about that, but she has her reasons. He goes, she cries as he does on the other side of the door.

Max and Ivana are out to lunch and she gives him the bad news about no money for the agency and that Car backed that. Max is stunned, and no he isn't coming back yet. Ivana makes him pay the tab as she goes off.

Silas, Muricy and Adauto at Silas's bar. He brings up what happened with Car at the wedding and wants to know how she is. Silas also mentioned when Car was going on about the demon he thinks she was referring to Nina. Aduato thinks not, Muricy thinks.

Nina meets Max on the yacht. Where would he like to go if he were free and had scads of money? The Caribbean he says. So she wants to go with him, he thinks she is like Car trying to control him. Nina wants him to be the boss of himself. Max thinks that Nina will torture Car again. What does she want from Car? She wants to free up some lana for Max. She gives him another bundle of cash.


Car is putting together kits for the poor children with she thinks what would be the best way for Nina to die, naturally. Heart attack, cancer even, she wishes. Muricy comes and helps her a bit and Muricy has her suspicions about Nina is she blackmailing Car, what about those raises and why won't Tifon or Car give Max the money he asked for? Car explains about Tifon saying the money would be wasted on Max, and Car changes the subject to the kids in need.

Leleco and Tifon at Divino and Leleco asks Tifon about Nina again. Tifon says Nina a fantasy. Tifon thinks Car is so different almost like another person. Leleco thinks she needs help, professional help. Leleco thinks she's loca!

Nina calls Car into the kitchen and Nina is going to teach Car how to make the dinner. It is bacala espirtual. Tifon comes in and his happy to see Car in the kitchen again. They kiss and Car throws her apron off. They leave. Later the familia is at dinner, the salad is first they love it, Nina made that, then they get to the bacala. One bite and there is kitchen trash in it. Everyone loses their appetite, Tifon asks what is this, and Car takes off. Tifon now thinks that Car is loca. Car is in her room saying she can't take anymore. Nina comes and Car manhandles her. Car asks what she really wants. Nina wants the money from the sale of her childhood home! Car wants Nina to leave Jorgito alone. Nina has ruined his life. Car admits she was at fault with Genesio but she didn't kill him. Nina blames her for his death anyways. Nina is going to take some of Car's jewels. She ends up taking a diamond necklace and some emeralds, as collateral for the lana. Nina says don't forget the lana and goes, Car is pithed.

Muricy, Aduato and Ivana discuss Car, and Aduato thinks Car is loca. Agatha is there too and doesn't agree. Aduato and Agatha end up going upstairs. Nina says Car is confused, she is having another crisis and needs a psychiatrist. Muricy tells Nina the familia doesn't need her advice, stick to the cooking. Tifon calls Muricy on that.

At Tiradero Mama L is with her kids when Jorgito comes by. Mama L is so happy to see him. He wants more Nina info. He tells Mama L what he saw when he was there, Car cooking, being different, and he thinks Nina is blackmailing Car. Jorgito asks if Nina is evil. Mama L says no, she's good. Jorgito says she fooled his heart and now he thinks that Nina knows another secret of Car's. Jorgito wants to know what it is. Mama L won't tell him and he goes.

La familia is in the kitchen eating again, and discussing Car. Leleco thinks she's loca. Tifon will take her to a psychiatrist. There is mention that Nina was alone with Car all the time they were gone. Jorgito comes and asks where Car is. He goes up to see her as Nina has just come with a tray for Car. Nina remarks that Car owes her, Jorgito walks in hears and wants to know what Nina was up to with Car all the time the familia was gone? Car had an attack of nerves and Jorgito is pithed. He says Nina is blackmailing Car and wants to be alone to talk to her. He dismisses Nina very rudely. When they are alone Car is very happy that Jorgito is worried about her. Jorgito still wants to know about the blackmail, she won't say. Tifon comes and is taking Car out.

Alexia and her Mama are talking Alexia couldn't sleep all night thinking of Carlitos. Mama has made mimosas, heavy on the vodka. Alexia can't believe it, what to do , what to do? Alexia doesn't want to be a concubine for Carlitos. Evidently Mama was in this position many years ago.

Welcome, Spanish Student. It's always good to hear from a newbie.

Good insight about Ricardo and Camila both having issues with their same-sex parent. AND, the massive sense of entitlement.


Aduato, Muricy and Car together and Jorgito comes. Car wants Nina to get some seafood, they would like that for dinner. Nina will have to go to the fish market. Jorgito goes after Nina. He doesn't trust her and he wants to know if she will harm Car? Nopis, but the family doesn't know the real Car. Mama L told him that she has some type of plan he tells Nina. And what is this thingy with Max? What is the secret. Nina tells him she is in the right. He goes off.

Muricy and Ivana are playing cards and Tifon is off to the bank. Car picks this time to escape, cause Tifon wanted someone to stay with Car at all times. Car goes to the cabin and talks to Max. She wants Nina to disappear y punto. She reminds Max of the pact they made at Tiradero when they were kids. To always be together. Max still pithed about the money Car won't give him. She tells him what Nina wants. The 300 mil grand that Car got for Genesio's house. She also tells him about the jewels Nina took. Car wants Nina dead, but Max won't do it. Car tells him where Nina is. Car has to go now before the familia thinks about putting her in the manicomio. She goes.

Zeze, Jan, Muricy, and Ivana worried sick about Car taking off like that. Tifon calls Zenon for help. Car returns home and she uses the excuse that she was doing work with the charity.

Alexia goes to Carlitos' office to look for him. Jimmy says he isn't there, but Alexia finds him. She has a proposition for Carlitos. She wants to do a Sister Wives thingy with him since he is in love with all three women. Just make a schedule and they can all spend time with him. Problema solved!

Max goes to the fish market and drags Nina off by the arm, makes her get in his car and they go to his yacht. They get on the yacht, he asks for her cellphone and tosses it. She asks if he is kidnapping her. He is pithed at Nina and tells her Car has been his companion since they were kids. Nina just wants Car to be a better person. He wants Nina to quit with the drama and wake up. Max doesn't like what Nina did to Car. Nina reminds him she has much proof against Car. Nina tells Max she asked Car for 800 mil grandes and she'll give him half. He is shocked. Oi, Oi. Oi. What happens next?

Thank you for the recap, Novelera
I just started a new job and the next couple of weeks will be a little difficult for me, but I hope I can manage to keep up with the show at least by reading the recaps.

Ricardo is annoying even when he's the victim of an attack.
Gerardo and Mondriana together were pretty hot. I do wonder, though, doesn't Mondriana feel bad for "using" Adriana's body like that?

Spanish Student, welcome and great point about Ric and Cami being practically the same when it comes to their entitlement. Very well put!

I was able to watch last night's show again, with english captions, and pick up a few more small points,

emilio wants to help Aaron and his mom with the smuggling, he doesn't want to be a burden.

Alison's mom shows up, apparently when they snuck out of Los Angeles with Emilio's body they didn't say anything, ha!, she says they can't get rid of her that easily, she wants to take emilio and Alison back to San Francisco.

when Carson shows up at Joes's ranch, he wants to know why Joe has such a sweet deal, something like it's Joe's land and he let's the military use it, and they look the other way, that's what Chava said but Joe may have explained it differently.

and Carson tells the army guy that Camelia killed Patricia.

ah, but when Alacran catches Mireya's sister eavesdropping and runs her off, as she passes him, and he checks her out, he says, (english) "so much meat, and I'm a vegetarian", what?

and la Nacha and Moi are off to Mazatlan, he drives them to the airport.

thanks so much for the timely recap novelera!
sometimes your recaps are so good,
that I don't have anything to add.

bmc- thanks, but I'm not really watching this, too dark of a story,
but I do have it on in the background sometimes.

I'm just starting to watch the episode, but found this recipe for bacalao espiritual:

When Max is making sense and sounds like the reasonable person in the conversation, then you know you've gone too far! He was totally right that all Nina is pushing Car to do is order a hit on her. He pointed out Nina's arrogance for "playing God" and doling out punishment in this life instead of leaving it in God's hands.

Is there any reason why Monalisa wants to move out of el Divino, and into that stuck up, wealthy neighborhood and apartment/condo?

Deb-Regarding la Promesa, yes it is very dark. There are not the touches of humor that make Camellia so much fun. I do find it intriquing and I like the acting. Very good summaries from you and Hombre regarding Camellia for Monday. I was so busy w/work related stuff, I could only watch last night with one eye, so I missed a lot. The summaries clarified a great deal. I did have to laugh when Joe and Carson were speaking to each other in their terrible accented Espanol.


Yes, what exactly is Nina's back up plan? Now I am worried that she is on Max's yacht on the open water. What is she gonna do now besides offer Max lana?

About Roni, I just don't know. Maybe he is just shy or maybe he wanted to be a priest, hmmmm.

Thanks so much for the bacala-espiritual recipe. I am such a foodie and went and looked at it. What a rich dish it is! I may try making it one day. I had it in Sicily many times when I lived there but not this particular recipe.

Yes, Max is talking sense isn't he? It's amazing that he is so clear headed, but he has been with Car a long, long time. I just don't want him to harm Nina in any way. My hope is, is that he doesn't like violence. I hope he sticks with that. I hope Nina calms down too and finds a different way to get the justice she so wants.

Mona Lisa wants to move her bidness, her salons, North a bit. I think that this is where the apartment is, in the upper crust area of Rio.

Now my own thoughts. It's funny how the family loyalties lie isn't it? Tifon, Leleco, Agatha, and Ivana all love Nina, where Car, Jorgito (well he's divided), and Muricy all are on Car's side. Aduato calls it as he sees it. Muricy has good instincts in some areas, but she can't stand Mona Lisa either. Leleco really likes both Mona Lisa and Nina. He also doesn't like Car much, he sees her for what she is.

I want Nina to smarten up and find a different way to deal with Car, one that is effective but doesn't damage Tifon, who has helped her so much, in any way or Agatha either.

Thanks for the link Vivi. I've bookmarked it as well as "Easy Brazilian Recipes." I just looked at a recipe for Meat Bread that requires 10 eggs and 8 cups of flour! For me, Portuguese ingredients aren't too hard to find since there is a town nearby that has a significant Portuguese population. In fact, I learned the days of the week from reading them posted at a bank in that town. Not too many Brazilians around here but I remember visiting my aunt in a rehab center near Boston and a lot of the staff was from Brazil. Driving through the town I saw lots of Brazilian flags. Unfortunately I didn't get to stop at a restaurant!

I forgot to add that I've been curious to try salt cod. I've never had it probably because my dad ate a lot of it during the war and wasn't too fond of it. So maybe it's time to give it a try. Bacalá Espiritual sounds really good and I noticed that Nina (or Carmina!) made it the same way as the recipe. Though the recipe doesn't call for cigarette butts and was that a bottle cap?

We use salted cod in a lot of Jamaican recipes, and in fact on Sunday I made our national dish which has it- ackee and salt fish (that's what we call salted cod). So I soaked the cod starting Sat morning, changing the water as the bacalao espuritual recipe calls for, and then shredding and separating out any bones as we saw Car doing. It was funny seeing her doing something so common in my culture, yet I never have seen on tv before now. We get salt fish/salted cod in Caribbean or Latin markets. It is most often found under its Spanish name of bacalao.

Ackee and Saltfish recipe:

I also don't like that Nina is demanding money and jewelry from Car, because it seems to me that all she's doing is stealing Tifon's money and the jewelry he bought with his money. How is this going to look to everyone when the truth comes out. Making Car increase the servants' salary is quite different than making her break into the safe and take the jewels. And all Nina has done so far with Tifon's money is pay off Max and allowed him and his father to live lavishly. What is her plan with the money? Right now she just looks very dumb in the way she handling it, and she's leaving a stolen money trail that will lead to her. Muricy still believes she was behind the kidnapping, and the money in her mattress would confirm that theory.

En Otra Piel:
We didn't make much progress in last night's episode. Holding the dije did not bring Adriana back to her body. Apparently Monica's soul or whatever still thinks that her daughters are in danger but she hasn't remembered: 1) being murdered by Elena or 2) that she didn't in fact make the will that disinherited her daughters.

Now we have the awkward situation of someone who has said farewell to everyone, including farewell sex with Gerado, but didn't actually leave.

Ricardo managed to have the same argument with Camila about Elena but this time he told her about his seeing Elena visit the pervy judge's office.

We did find out that it was Elena who had Ernesto set up a hit on Ricardo that ended up almost killing Rodrigo. Gerardo is not pleased about this and tells Elena to stop killing people! Elena has no such intention, however. She tells the hitman that she wants Ricardo's death to look like an accident.

Diego got a job souping up motorcycles for some dubious-looking types who tell him that they need them for a race but they are probably being used in some crime.

Maite and Valeria tell Diego about how they ended up in the brothel in San Diego.

That's what I can remember.

Jean, I was writing mine and then saw yours. Might as well put it up.

Gerardo overhears Elena on the phone with Ernesto reaming him out for the fact that Rodrigo was shot instead of Ricardo being killed.

We discover a plot connection. One of the muchachos del barrio – Anselmo tells El Chalado that he recognized Rodrigo’s shooter: Bulldog, one of Rottweiler’s guys.

Gerardo is furious with Elena. Instead of revealing that he thinks she’s a murderous nutcase, he tells her she’s putting them at risk and reminds her that killing Munguía is what put them in Figueroa’s hands. She then pointedly asks if he’s getting tired of her. Of course he is, but he has to lie to keep peace. Using his normal womanizer skills, he tells her that he couldn’t bear to see her in prison. Clever move!

Marta and Ricardo sob together about how badly they both treated Rodrigo. Later both apologize, and Rod looks like he feels it was worth it to have been shot.

Gerardo chews out Ernesto for having worked with Elena behind his back. Then he tells him his main job is convincing Elena that he, Gerardo, is madly in love with her.

Mondriana is hooked up with some sensors that look leftover from an old Frankenstein movie. When Esteban puts the dije in her hands she gasps. We then hear some confused voices. We hear Mónica saying that she can’t leave yet because of her daughters. There’s a distorted voice (which was really Elena’s) saying that the daughters might need to be eliminated too. We also hear Diego’s voice. She eventually flatlines on Esteban’s laptop. When she wakes up, Selma addresses her as Adriana, but she says she’s Mónica.

Mondriana says that, after making love with Gerardo, she now thinks she might have written that will basically disinheriting her daughters. She loves him that much.

Elena comes to the barrio to negotiate directly with Bulldog. She wants Ricardo bumped off, but for it to look like an accident.

Valeria and Maite tell Diego the story of how they were sent, together with Mónica to the US and put to work in the bordello. Diego is surprised to hear that Mondriana didn’t recognize Carlos and that she always said her name was Mónica.

Deb, thanks for your additional notes from watching with the English captions. They cleared up several things for me.

Last night, we had a number of betrayals. Consequences may follow.

The soldier does agree to give up Camelia and Chava. But it's a trick. He actually tells them to flee, adding that even if Camelia killed someone, she must have had a good reason, and those gringos can't understand "our" reasons.

He then goes back to Carson, and says somehow they disappeared. Carson is disappointed, knows what really happened. He had also given Aaron a lead, discretely writing the location of Padre Mark's church on Aaron's palm. But Aaron couldn't find out anything either.

Allison packs Emi in the car with his abuela, but she's going to stay for pending business (finding and killing Camelia). She checks herself into the same hotel Cami had been in before. Her flashback seems to show maybe she was here with Emilio, too, and got her ring from him here. Back in Mexico, Alacran, Mireya calls the hotel, asking for Cami, and Allison is able to get some info from this, which will help her find Cami.

Everyone tells Mireya that Cami killed Emilio, which she can't believe, but she is going to cooperate and tell what happened to the marijuana, since she admits that she stole it and they were trying to sell it.

Xiang goes to see Benigno, tells him he got kicked out by Antonio, and the two end up in the same bed - we don't see it, but Benigno does invite him (they're both gay). Now we know why Benigno couldn't perform with Tomasa.

La Nacha visits Benigno, threatens him, he says Lu was the one who betrayed her, not Xiang (since Benigno likes Xiang). So Nacha has Facundo kidnap Lu, and sends a note to Antonio about this. Tony won't be too happy if he realizes that Benigno betrayed him, blamed Lu.

Cami and Chava take refuge in a union headquarters for the new UWF, and the main guy, Oscar, is nice, but even though he came from Mexico, he hates the current group of immigrants. This includes Chava (but not Camelia, who is a US citizen). Camelia agrees with Oscar to turn in Chava to the border patrol, and he'll have to go back. She really does this to protect him, because every who loves her turns up dead!

I was missing Emilio, but with so many flashbacks, not-so-much, and Aaron is doing a good job of showing us why the good guy doesn't always get the girl.

not sure if Alison checked into the motel, I was thinking she paid the guy to get into Mireya's room, who got whisked away before her stay was up. (as it was Alison that led Alacran there earlier)

the legend of Camelia continues to grow as Carson tacked on Patrcia's death, but it's surprisingly crisp how well Carson is in tune with everything.

a little geography since I don't know Mexico, la Nacha and Facundo/Moi flew to Mazatlan (she lives in Tijuana I think),

Mexico has 31 states plus the federal district,
the state of Sinaloa has 18 municipalities,
Culican is where the capital is located,
Mazatlan is a major area where they flew to,
and Badiraguato is where Arulfo and Antonio live.

Quick question. What days do we have designated recappers? I should be able to step in and help out one day.

And even though I don't watch ave Brazil, that talk of bacalao makes me hungry. Haven't looked at Vivi's recipe yet, but check out some Spanish ones too. It's big there. I went vegetarian for lent, but may have to break it. Not actually catholic so god can't get mad. :)

thanks so much Jean and novelera!

I wasn't sure why the hooded guy shot at Ricardo last night, but we see Elena in the mix, and you guys really threw in the details of what happened there.

(and Gabriel saw Elena leaving the barrio, after her talk with the hit dog)

I would think that a person as a spiritual being is a fairly easy concept to work with, but when someone can't get by the part that it's not physical, and breaks out the wires, needles, scalpels, etc, to investigate it kind of turns into a horror show, and what was that giant needle all about.

loved seeing all of the different faces Selma was coming up with, not-so-much a skeptic anymore.

so Monica gave Selma, in an envelope, instructions for getting into the secret room and the combination to the safe, so does she still have those, right?

and was that the 'dije', Monica was going to put back in the safe?

wow, Geraldo is going to scramble every sane thought Monica has.

Kelly, we'd love to have another recapper. I do Mondays, Jean does Thursdays, and Adriana does Fridays.

We don't have a designated recapper for Tuesday or Wednesday nights. And, as you can see, Jean and I both tried to "do the right thing" and both put something up mostly from memory.


Max and Nina are still on the yacht discussing money and Max informs Nina that Car isn't giving up any money. Nina talks a good game but that's it.

Jorgito goes to Betania's work place to try to get out of her what Nina is blackmailing Car with. Betania doesn't give him anything, he goes.

Car is in her room and needs to get out, so she gets Zeze to cover for her.

Ver and Noemia have come to Carlitos' office and the meeting with Alexia begins. She gives them her proposal of sharing Carlitos. They each basically get 33 1/3 percent of him. Ver and Noemia don't agree and go. Alexia tells them to think about it.

Family at the table, and Tifon calls upstairs for Car. Zeze is nervous. Zeze finally admits she helped Car.

Car has gone to Begonia's hostel and waits for her chance to break into the room, which she does and starts searching it when Begonia comes back. Car punches her and wants those pics that Nina took. Begonia doesn't have them and tells Car to get out. Car goes.

Tessa is on a stepladder with Darson gazing at her legs. Leleco comes and wants Tessa to go to the supermarket a ways away for some stuff. Her and Darson go and Leleco texts Muricy for some afternoon delight. Muricy gets the text and tells Aduato it is from Diogenes and she has to go.

Car comes home and Tifon wants to know where she was. She's fine she says, went looking for Nina. She bad mouths Nina and says she is not a good person. Ivana doesn't agree and thinks that Car is paranoid.

Max and Nina still on the yacht and Nina is a mite worried. She asks if this is a kidnapping. Max wants a night alone with her. And if she resists, wellllll. Nina thinks Car put him up to this. Car calls Max wants to know where he is. Tells her that things are under control he'll make sure Nina never bothers Car again, tells Car to be calm. While Max is on the phone, Nina locks him down below and takes the yacht keys. Nina calls an adjacent boat for help and jumps overboard and swims to the boat, leaving Max locked in the cabin below. He is pithed when he realizes what she just did.

Ivana is wondering about dinner and where is Nina? Tifon says she's an adult. Car comes downstairs screaming that her jewelry is gone and Nina stole it. Car is yapping about the jewelry being very expensive, I won't go into details about what each piece Tifon gave her was for, but Muricy thinks maybe Nina stole it and is now out of the country. Agatha defends Nina and Car screams at her.

Max finally finds his way out of the cabin and finds the keys missing. He tries to start the motor with a screwdriver.

Nina is back and shore and walking.

Dolores talks to Beverly and Mona Lisa and tells them Roni consummated his marriage and she can't wait for the grand bebes.

Darson and Tessa on the way to the market and Tessa discovers she left her credit card. Darson turns around and they go back home.

Muricy and Leleco he wants afternoon delight, she kinda does, stops leaves, comes back. They do the deed when Darson comes back for the credit card, hears them and is pithed, but goes.

Silas and Olenka working at the bar when Beverly comes in, orders food and drink and tells them about Mona Lisa moving to the Zona Sur. Beverly and Olenka snipe at each other.

Leleco has just showered when Darson and Tessa come back from the market. Darson is very pithed at Leleco and gives him heck about his bod and leaves. Lelecto thinks it's cause Darson doesn't have a girl.


Family is at dinner and Car continues the bad mouthing of Nina. She's a thief and a liar. Muricy still thinks Nina was a part of the kidnap plot. Nina comes into the convo and asks what are you saying. Aduato tells Nina that Car thinks she took her jewels. So Car and Tifon troop up the stairs with the rest of the familia and check out the safe. Surprise, surprise, the jewelry is there, safe and sound. So this is Nina's new revenge called Gaslighting. Car is shocked and tells everyone they were stolen. They all think Car is loca. Tifon wants Car to apologize to Nina she won't. Nina says it's okay, won't ask her, doesn't want to stress her out. Tells Ivana, Car is like a Mama to her and cries and goes. Tifon runs after Nina and asks Nina to forgive Car. Nina wants to give her notice. He won't accept it. He reminds her that she was willing to go with him when he left, now stay for him. He hugs her and she agrees to stay.

Ivana wants Car to take her pill, she won't and kicks everyone out of the room while she has a meltdown and then calls Max, who doesn't answer. Cause he is still stuck out to sea.

Alexia and Carlitos' are doing it too. He likes her idea and he uses a phrase that I laughed at, Fidelity is Infidelity, that's his story and he's sticking to it.

Nina is grilled by Muricy what took so long at the fish market, seems someone had an infarto. Tifon pulls Nina aside about the psychiatrist. Nina says Car really needs to see one. Nina brings a tray up to Car and tells her not to pull that again. Gives her 24 hours to get that lana or else the familia gets a collage of those pics. She also called Max an amateur bodyguard. Car brings Nina the jewels again, which she pockets. Those jewels are worth 750 mil grandes. Nina goes and Car is pithed.

Jorgito is now on a mission to find out what Nina is blackmailing Car with and goes to see Nilo. Jorgito wants to know who is paying for his meals and housing Nina or Car. He won't say. So Jorgito tries to get him drunk. Nilo gabs about Mama L and being unfaithful. She took up with a lot of guys, but Santiago was the favored one. Jorgito also asked Nilo who Car's Mama was, was it Mama L and if not, who dropped Car off in Tiradero. Nilo won't talk, so Jorgito goes.

Car is taking drops, maybe Flor de Bac? Anyhoo, Tifon asks if that is her med or something else? He wants to take her to a psychiatrist he tells her. She won't go, cause she isn't loca. She blames Nina and says he doesn't know who she really is.

Max is still out to sea asleep, but wakes up and spots a boat. He yells for help, the other guy comes over and starts the yacht for him. Max over the moon.

Nina and Begonia talk. Begonia wants her to stop this nonsense, just come with her back to Argentina. Nina says it will be just a bit longer and soon she'll be done, she has to get back to work and goes. Begonia just wants all this to end.

Silas and Darson talk and Darson gets on Silas about his diet. Silas doesn't want a lecture. Silas thinks that Darson is frustrated cause he hasn't got a girl.

Family is in the sala and Nina is there too. Car comes in and is pithed they all think she is loca. She can't take it. Tifon wants her to tell Nina she is sorry. Car finally says sorry. Max comes in and looks at Nina.

Ivana is happy Max is there and hugs him half to death. He brought chocolates for Car. He says his bidness partner is a coward (Nina). Nina is making Max a sandwich and Car carts him off to the office to "fix the computer". When they are along he tells Car what happened on the yacht and Car says that Nina is more dangerous than she thought.


Olenka is working. Silas is working her constantly. Iran comes by and they have a chat. He tells her he'll help her fix her friendship with Mona Lisa.

Jorgito has brought a kid with him from Tiradero to his apartment with promises of teaching him things and gets out the info on Santiago from the boy.

Max and Nina are in the kitchen and she tells him about the 750 grand mil she is getting from Car. Ivana comes in and takes Max off.

The familia is playing cards all except Car, Ivana and Max and Max has gotta go. He has to meet another client. Tifon is gonna help Agatha with her English lesson. He says in great English, "I am fluent in English" and "I speak English well"! After Max goes Muricy tells Ivana about her little tete a tete with Leleco. Ivana says tell Aduato get back with Leleco.

Darson is cleaning and is still pithed. Tessa goes out of the house and Darson lights into Leleco about that tete a tete with Muricy. Leleco is shocked, but doesn't want Darson to tell Tessa.

Noemia and Ver meet about Alexia's proposal. Noemia is for it and Ver finally is too, except Ver wants all weekends. They'll have to compromise.

Nina is cleaning up dishes when Car comes and says she's going to the bank for the lana. Tifon comes in and asks after Car, Nina says she's in the bedroom resting.

Car goes to the bank, the bank manager gives her all that lana in cash and is worried with her walking around with that amount, get a check please. She just stuffs the bags and goes.

Ivana, Agatha, and Tifon watch TV when Car comes back. Tifon can't believe she went out by herself again. She tells them going to her room, don't disturb her. Nina goes up and Car gives her all that money. Here is the 750 mil grande, it is the 300 mil grande she got from the sale of Genesio's house with interest. She wants Rita to get out, leave Jorgito alone. Nina says Car is awful nervous. Nina takes the money and goes to her room. Car says she can't wait to get back at Nina. Nina in her room, dumps all the money on the bed and thinks back to when she retrieved that money, after her Papa died and Max and Car caught her.

Santiago is working when Jorgito comes to see him.

Max is at the cabin when Nina comes and gives him all of the 750 mil grande. He is now a rich man! Oi, Oi, Oi. I can just guess what Nina is up to, killing two birds with one stone Maybe.

Thank you for the recap, Mads. I'm so far behind, your recaps are the only way I can keep up.
I don't like what Nina is doing one bit. She is just as crazy as Carmina is at this point. I feel no sympathy for neither of them.

Thank you, Jean and Novelera, for stepping in for today.
And Kelly, you're more than welcome to cover one of the empty spots for the recaps.

Jean, you made me laugh with your comment about Mondriana saying her tearful goodbyes and then going back to work the next day because the "switch" didn't work.
I guess we are supposed to believe that her soul can't leave the body because it feels the danger surrounding the girls.
How will she handle Gerardo, the Horny One?

ok, I did the english caption thing again, the subtleties really add a lot of charm for me.

so some small stuff I noticed the second time around,

Antonio left, but Alacran (with giant holes in his socks) is hanging around los Osunas ranch until Mireya spills, later alone he convinces Mireya that he and Antonio have Camelia's best interest at heart, that she is wanted by the police, and they want to help her. Mireya says she will help IF Alacran will take her to Camelia when they find her, they shake hands.

as the soldier kicks Camelia and Chava down the road, he tells them he has become a good judge of people and to Camelia says, you and I kill people for a reason, and only God can judge us.

Carson is upset to find out Aaron was at the police station and now knows about padre Mark, later he meets up with Aaron at the church (worried that Aaron will be in danger snooping around) and writes on his hand 'Calexico' and tells him, I never gave you that name.

Oscar, at the United Farm Workers place has this thing about illegals taking work away from americans, but I think it was Camelia who decided to send Chava back, like Hombre said, to get him out of harms way, (he reminded her of Rico) and gives him a big roll of money, and somehow she figures she will get blamed for Patricia's death. Oscar says she is welcome to stay, but he doesn't want any trouble, so she has to leave tomorrow.

[in Camelia's rerun of killing Emilio, as he explains their situation before walking away, he ends with "it was fun while it lasted", and as she draws the gun and he turns, he then explains, "you came into my life too late"]

Camelia calls Mireya and the desk clerk says she is out but to leave a message, Camelia leaves her phone number, location (SoCal) and name, Clara, the desk clerk then gives the info to Alison.

at home, Aaron calls Alison from L.A., where have you been, oh Carson gave me a false lead, well here is where Camelia is, Alison tells him.

when Xiang shows up at Benigno's place, Xiang reminds him that Antonio also kicked him out, and that Antonio was always the favorite child, etc, etc, so Ben lets him stay, but he is not a guest,

somewhere in there Ben gets a call from Tomasa, who is worried about the girls, they are like family to her, she doesn't want anymore disappearing, (is this related to the dead girl at the morgue) and Ben says he has found someone to run the place.

then la Nacha appears and lays into him about Antonio and about how it was her that got him his new job, etc, etc, then he spills about Lu, not Xiang.

and later on he offers Xiang his bed.

as Nacha and Moi snatch Lu, her case is left on the sidewalk, and Antonio gets an anonymous letter.

I can take tonight's recap. Give you guys a break. I think Wednesdays should work for me.

Avenida: Thanks for recap. I sis not like Nina much in these last episodes. Good intention is not enough. She needs therapy so does Jorgito, Car and Max.

EN OTRA PIEL, Wednesday part 1

WE start with a reminder that Mondriana needs to be more careful about the secret room. She almost gets caught by Gerardo. She tries to tell him to forget about their night together, but he’s like how can I forget the best night of my life? And she does NOT question why it was better than all the times with his WIFE. They get interrupted by Elena, giving her time to escape. She makes plans with Gerardo, who is less than thrilled.

Hospital: Mondriana has beamed to the hospital. Diego spots her and tries to talk to her about them. He still thinks she has amnesia and talks about how to help her get her memory back. She says she’s in love with another man. He begs more and goes over everything he went through trying to find her, but it doesn’t work. He questions why she’s calling herself Monica, tells her to stop talking like a ricachona. He tries winning her with a kiss, but nope. She’s sorry but she has to stay in LA. He gets a little pushy and doesn’t want her to leave. Ricardo intervenes to stop Diego, and Mo leaves. She runs into Gabriel, who is there with Jennifer who he introduces as his girlfriend. She gives him the letter from Emiliana and bails.
Lake House: Elena puts the move on Gerardo, who suddenly sees the record player spinning and stops with Elena. Which is another reason you should use cds on repeat for a sexy night. Ha! Next scene is them in bed, with Gerardo using stress as an excuse as to why “things” aren’t working this night. Elena tried again, and this time it works because Gerardo is thinking of Mo.

Selma’s: Esteban thinks he found a way to get Adriana back. They have to do a rita chamanico. Shaman ritual. Selma asks where they’re going to find a shaman, and Esteban suggests Mexico (even though there must be one in LA, or at least Berkeley). Selma is arguing about whether to tell Monica about the ritual. Sounds like she doesn’t want to lose her friend.

Vineyard House: Ernesto walks Camila back to the house. She tells him about the shooting and he almost blows it by saying the barrios in East LA are hell. How did he know it was East LA? He’s like, where else? And she buys it, because nobody gets shot any where else in LA. She tells him about the dad being ok and in a hospital, recovering. Ernesto leaves and says she owes him a dinner. She’s says ok, but no so much wine this time. He says, in a not-at-all-rapey way, weeellllll we’ll see. Then he calls her princesa. Blech. Marta overhears this.

Hopsital: Ricardo asks Mondriana and Diego explains she’s the one he’s been looking for. Ricardo tells Diego that she’s the tutor for emi, daughter of MONICA SERRANO. Cara impactada de Diego. Gabe messes with Jennifer a little, making her jealous of this Emiliana chick, and then breaks it to her that Emi is 11. (Does she really look 11?) Good one, Gabe. He introduces her to Rodrigo.

Lake house: Gerardo and Elena finish up and she tries to explain her possessiveness, having to do with having to share him (with his wife) for so long. She can’t wait until everyone knows about the two of them and have the most spectacular boda in LA. High bar, Elena.

EN OTRA PIEL, Wednesday part 2

Selma’s: She’s going to think about telling Monica about the ritual. Turns out she is worried about losing her friend. Which is why Monica should take over Elena’s body, because then everybody wins! Everyone good that is. Mo shows up later and Selma does ask her what she’d think if there was a way to return Adriana to the body. But Monica is still worried about the girls, and still thinks the danger is Judge Sadist.

Bar: Diego has stopped by for a drink. One of the gang leaders talks to Maite and tells her that he and the gang protect the girls of their barrio. She asks why no one helped when they got mugged their fist day in town. Well, if she were his reina, he’d be there. She says she’ll take care of herself. Good for her! But she still deserves some one good. Diego goes over his convo with Monica in his head. Until the gang guy interrupts and wants the motorcycle done the next day. Then he talks to Maite again, and she makes a gagging face. Ha!

Gabes: He and Jennifer have sex. Bets on whether birth control was used? She can’t stay the night though. He wants to walk her home but she still says he can’t be seen with her.

Vineyard house: Mo puts the dije away in the same and asks for Adriana’s forgiveness. Then as she starts to leave, she hears Camila’s voice. There is a hole in the wall to the office and Camila is talking to the picture of her mother about how much she loves her, etc.

Guest house: Mo sees a rose on her pillow. Fantasizes. Pfft.

Big house, next day: A new maid shows up! Vicky asks her to serve Elena. The new maid, clearly smarter than most people in telenovelas, has already picked up that Vicky doesn’t like to serve Elena and asks why. Vicky brushes her off. At the breakfast table, Elena gives her mom grief but says she thinks things are looking up. Camila disagrees. Elena thinks that the vividor de Gerardo won’t take everything that should be the girls. Maybe I missed something, but her mother almost chokes. Elena blames in on past drinking/drugs, but it seems like she might trust her daughter just a little less. Elena tries to sell Camila on a vacation, but Cami isn’t that dumb. A lazy little snot, but not dumb. Cami then asks why Elena went to see the judge? Elena comes up with a good, plausible reason and gets out of this latest snag, but she knows is Ricardo’s fault that Cami knows about this.

Barrio: Diego is off to fix the motorcycle and he invites Gabe along.

Big house: Adriana and Emi are studying French. The Tia, whose name I’ve suddenly forgotten, comes to steal Emi away for lunch in Santa Monica. (Didn’t they just have breakfast?) Mo picks up the phone.

Office: Elena talks to Gerardo about how she knew Ricardo wouldn’t keep quiet. Gerardo gets a call (from whom we wonder) and he bails on Elena, pretending it’s work related.

Barrio Motorcycle track: Turns out there actually are motorcycles! It wasn’t a con. The guy in charge explains that each team has a piloto to drive, and Gabe spots a chick driver! Jennifer! She suddenly got more interesting.

Some restaurant: Gerardo’s business meeting was lunch with Monica. Surprise!

AVENIDA BRASIL, Quarta-feira

Darkson: There are other ways that cause sweat besides heat.

Leleco: What are you insinuating? That I'm going through menopause?

ITA that Nina is just not a likeable prota right now.

En Otra Piel:
Thanks, Kelly, for the great, snarky recap.

"Selma asks where they’re going to find a shaman, and Esteban suggests Mexico (even though there must be one in LA, or at least Berkeley)."

"Which is why Monica should take over Elena’s body, because then everybody wins! Everyone good that is."

Poor Diego. It seemed to me that Mondriana could have made it easier for him by saying that not only did she lose her memory, she felt like a different person after the accident - a person who doesn't have any feelings for Diego. But Diego has the potential to make lots of trouble for Mondriana now that he has learned about her job and supposed connections with Monica Serrano's family. He knows that none of that is true.

Thanks, Mads, for the great recap.
I love how they keep showing what a nice family life Tifon has when Carmina isn't there. Tifon watching the movie with Agata and Ivana and playing cards while Carmina stalks in and out.

So I guess Nina has a plan - to make everyone think that Carmina is crazy. What I don't understand is why she is giving so much money to Max. He's not blackmailing her. He doesn't even believe that she could get that much money. She must have a plan.


I hope you watch once in a while. Things are moving along again. I am glad you are reading the recaps to catch up : )

I can understand the reason Nina wants this revenge, but she really didn't plan this all out in any way. She is young and dumb and she is lucky that Carm and Max haven't killed her by now. Nina is becoming as bad as Carm, and if the familia ever finds out what Nina did, they won't be forgiving at all.

Nina took the jewelry, not to keep it, but to hold that jewelry hostage in order for Carm to get that money she owes Nina for the sale of Genesio's home. I don't like the way she has gone about this revenge. There would have been so many better ways to have done it, but she's young and filled with hate for Carm. I don't like the way she is evolving into Carm.

Thanks so much for the saying of the day, lol. I think Muricy and Leleco should just tell their lovas they are done, like Vivi said and just get back together already!

I'm really aggravated with Nina. Like I said above, she's lucky Carm and Max haven't killed her by now, or the familia hasn't found out what Nina has done. What I really want to see is if the familia ever finds out what Carm has done and how far she went. That I can't wait for.

Now my own thoughts. Nina is a bit smarter than I gave her credit for. I thought she would be toast on that yacht, who knows how far Max would have gone with her. She got off that yacht by the skin of her teeth. I don't know how much longer she can gas light Carm either. I kind of have an idea on how she is attempting to bring down Carm and Max at the same time, but I hope it doesn't backfire on her. I want the familia to find out what Carm and Max have done all these years. How they have used and abused that familia for monetary gain and what they did to Nina/Rita when she was a child. I'm hoping the familia doesn't find out what Nina/Rita has done first.

We are more than half-way through this TN. We have roughly just a bit more than 30 double capitulos left. Oi, Oi, Oi!

Thanks as usual, Deb, for the clarifications. Here's what happened last night.

Lu is tied up in some warehouse. Facundo has to pretend to be tough on her to keep La Nacha's confidence, but whispers in Lu's ear that he can help. He loosens the ropes on her hands. Later, after Nacha repeatedly insults Lu about being Chinese, stating she (Nacha) should have killed all of them, Lu breaks free, and almost cuts Nacha with her own knife. Unfortunately, henchmen arrive and Lu is tied up again. Arnulfo arrives, and takes a message to Antonio.

He drops off a box to Tony, containing Lu's hairclip, and the head of a pig. Tony has to come alone. He does, and there's a tense showdown with La Nacha. Nacha tells him SHE's the boss, and she's going to teach him a lesson. She has her henchman cut off Lu's finger! She then lets them go, saying she'd kill them now, but she wants to find Camelia first, and return her to Tony in little pieces. In private, she tells Tony she knows Cami is his daughter from Rosaura!

Camelia wakes up to Emilio kissing her in her bed. For a while, we think this is a dream, but it turns out to be Aaron, pretending to be Emilio! That call from Camelia to Mireya, intercepted by the hotel clerk and relayed to Allison and then Aaron, allowed this. Aaron's missing his watch, his ring, Cami's a little suspicious.

Antonio almost catches Benigno in bed with Xiang, who hides. Tony tells about Lu (this is before they got her back) and we see how upset Xiang is. Tony wants Benigno to call some new heavy hitter, Ottavo or something (forgot the name). So some new character is coming soon.

Alacran leaves without Mireya, but NO, she's stows away in his truck, and they're going together, to find Camelia, and also on some other business (maybe the Ottavo thing) Antonio wants.

Little Emi is very angry at his mean abuelo, who is very abusive and also critical of Emilio, Emi's dead father.

Camelia finally realizes she's not dreaming, and this is not Emilio, after he tries to make love to her. Aaron probably thought Emilio, being wild, would be a violent lover, so he's goes after Cami violently. But no, Emilio was super tender, and Cami says you're an imposter! Too, late, because the door opens, and here's Allison!!

Also, Carson is still hot on the trail, has been following Aaron, but just misses finding Camelia.

I was impressed that Nina put the jewelry back without Carm knowing about it. That was well played, and made Carm look loca. Now I'm more interested to see how she turns this money thing in her favor.

Nina is quite wrong if she doesn't see how the family will feel equally betrayed and disgusted by her as they will be by Carm, when the whole truth comes out. Just watching her crying, saying that Carm is like a mother to her, and manipulating the family just like Carmina does, was disturbing. They'll remember all that, and O don't think they'll see the two women as being all that different.

Sue- Was it you who first found Sebastian a bit creepy? I felt creeped out by Jorgito this episode. If we didn't already know his character and knew what info he was after, there would be major red flags about a grown man bringing a poor, vulnerable boy to his apartment, alone, plying him with food and the promise of going surfing, and making him take a shower.

Nilo has now said a few times that Mama Lucinda was a ho back in the day. This episode he said something that indicated she was a ho (with any and every man), until Santiago came into the picture. Hmmm… So much mystery in their lives from back in the day.

thanks so much Hombre!
you write the best recaps, always catching the mood of the story.

well, the captions were gone again, pfft,
I'll see if I can make it to the library, maybe add some tidbits later on.

Thanks so much, Kelly. I loved your recap with its sarcasm in all the right places.

I think Lorena, the tía almost choked at breakfast because, if my memory serves, Elena did not deny - when confronted by her mother - that she and Gerardo were in love. So her calling him a vividor over breakfast was a bit much for Lorena.

Yeah, there must be SOME way Mondriana can let Diego know that she's a different person now. But, of course, the writers want to have him keep trying for plot progression.


Oi, Oi, Oi, what an episode. More secrets and revelations revealed. Max is impressed with Nina's intelligence but she wants him to stop his relationship with Carm. She tells him that Carm has betrayed and lied to everyone, she loves no one, including him. Max thinks Carm really does love him. Max wants to know what is this obsession with Carm about? He fans himself with the lana.

Jorgito talks to Santiago he explains he was one of Mama L's kids. Jorgito wants to know about Mama L and Carm's past. He tells Jorgito he has known Mama L for years but doesn't know Carm. Jorgito ends up going and Santiago cries.

Carm and familia are talking about "Fashion Hair", I think Carm said she went there. She goes off on the familia again, goes to her room, don't disturb her.

Zeze and Jan in the kitchen singing when Tifon comes. He asks Zeze where Carm went this morning, she just got the car for Carm ask Hercules. He does and finds out Carm went to the bank.

Santiago leaves his shop and Jorgito follows him home. Santiago goes in and calls Mama L. He says he met his GRANDSON Jorgito and Jorgito asked about Mama L and Carm's past. Mama L thinks Jorgito will never give up until he knows the whole truth.

Tifon has gone to the bank and is talking to the bank manager, who is taking the banking laws seriously. The only thing he tells Tifon is that yes, Carm has her own personal account not affiliated with the familia, and that she withdrew 750 mil grandes. Tifon is shocked by the money and wants to know if it was an investment, how did that money get there and so much! Bank Manager won't tell him.

Roni is playing soccer, it's an official game, that guy that wants him for a major team is there. Roni misses the goal, the guy leaves. Everyone upset. Dio and Dolores and Suelen talk to Roni, he wants to be alone with Suelen. He thinks he's bad for the team and her. She tells him, he's young, more opportunities and he's a great hubby who makes her very happy.

Olenka and Silas have a convo. She feels he still is in love with Mona Lisa. Olenka tells him she has lost Mona Lisa her BFF, her sister, her job with her and her friendship and doesn't want her to leave Divino.

Carm is pithed that Max isn't answering his cell. Muricy comes up to see Carm and says that Muricy has made mistakes could it be that maybe Carm, ya know, fooled around. Oh, Carm goes off. Muricy also thinks maybe Nina is a problema. Carm goes off about the cheating. No way, no how and says Nina is okay. Muricy tells Carm if that is the case, Carm needs help. Carm says it's just her nerves and she'll be okay. Muricy goes and Carm continues to call Max with no answer. Where is Max? At the mall, at an upscale store buying new clothes and later a Plasma TV complete with karaoke.

Carlitos has a meeting with the three wives again and they all agree to terms. They agree to share him.

Olenka goes to Mona Lisa's salon and pleads her case. She realizes she made a big mistake with Silas, would like her friendship, her job back and doesn't want Mona L to leave Divino. Mona L isn't happy with Olenka, and tells her so, never gonna forgive her. Olenka reminds her about her little jaunt with Tifon. Olenka does tell Mona Lisa she loves her like a sister and that Silas is still in love with Mona L and she goes. It effects Mona L somewhat.


Tifon comes home and tells the familia about what happened at the bank. All are in shock, they can't believe Carm had that amount of lana and in her personal account. Carm joins them and gets the 3rd degree. She tells them the money was from the sale of Genesio's house and interest from that. Leleco calls her on that and says when she was a widow, when Tifon met her, she was renting the house. Carm finds a way around that. She donated the money to charity and not to the one she runs. The familia is shocked. Carm can't believe the 3rd degree she is getting, she's a "charitable" woman after all, she feels no one believes her and runs up to her room. While Nina watches Muricy says that Carm needs serious help.

Santiago leaves his home for the shop, Jorgito goes across, accesses the key and walks in and searches the place. He finds a pic of he and Carm when he was little, a recent picture and one of Carm when she was little with a much younger Santiago.

Carm in her room is still pithed that Max isn't answering the phone. Nina brings her a tray that she throws on the floor. Nina tells her keep it up and the familia will really think she is loca. Carm wants Nina to leave and never come back, Nina tells her the familia wants her to stay.

Santiago has gone to see Mama L again and says he finally met his grandson, Jorgito. Santiago feels maybe it would be good if Jorgito knew about his origins. She tells Santiago that he and Jorgito are victims and it's all her fault. Santiago says it was both their faults.

Jorgito is still at Santiago's when he comes back and asks Jorgito what he is doing there. Jorgito says so you are Carm's papa and my grandpa! Santi wants him to leave or he'll call the cops. Jorgito offers his cell phone. Jorgito is about to go when Santi says give your gramps a hug. Jorgito does. Santi continues to hug Jorgito and cries and smiles.

Carm is telling Nina she won't get anything more out of her, no lana, no jewels. Carm says what you want this revenge to last the rest of my life? Leave my house she tells Nina or she'll kill her. Nina says she'll make something for Carm, she yells at Nina, as Tifon has come in and Tifon tells her Sala now.

Santiago gives up a bit of info. He's followed Jorgito's career. He was very happy when he started playing soccer. Jorgito wants to know about Carm's past. Santi says he'd never tell. He still wants to know why Carm dropped him off in Tiradero? Jorgito says his familia is marked by tragedy and it's best not to know. Jorgito is pithed everyone knows but him. Santi does admit that Carm is his daughter. Santi did say for Jorgito's own good, he doesn't want to say. Jorgito is pithed and goes.

Family is at the table, Carm rude to Agatha, Ivana talks about Mona L moving to the Zona Sur, Muricy laughs about that, Nina is serving, Tifon asks for the secret ingredient to her cooking, she tells him love like she loves Carm who is like a Mama to her, Carm throws the food over her head. Tifon is calling a Doc for Carm.

Carm finally gets ahold of Max she needs his help, kill Nina. Max thinks she's loca. Either he helps her or she'll find someone who will (Lucio maybe?)Tifon comes up to check on her, She assures him it's just her nerves, why is she acting crazy then? Carm says you want me to say I'm crazy, all righty then, I am. Now she wants to be left alone. Tifon goes and she has a mini meltdown.


Everyone is at Club Divino including Aduato and Agatha. Leleco is at home. Muricy also isn't there. Wanna guess where they are? Anyhoo, Darson finally makes his move on Tessa after almost getting into it with Aduato. He kisses Tessa and tells her how he feels. She wants his resignation. Tessa comes home and almost catches Muricy and Leleco. Leleco's hands are tied on the bed posts and Muricy helps get him lose and dives under the bed. Tessa wants some of Leleco but he says he's sick. I'll say! While Muricy hides under the bed he fills Tessa up with a bunch of bs love talk. Muricy nods her head.

Mama L is asleep when Jorgito pays a visit. He wants the truth. What is the connection with Nina, Carm, Mama L and Santi? What is the secret? He found a pic of Carm when she was little. Why do they hate each other so much? Does it involve a crime, out with it already! She won't tell, except to say that Carm is horrid and Santiago can never see her again. She says Santi is a victim. Jorgito goes and Mama L cries.

Ver and Deb are eating and Carlitos is there and he's starving, too bad he has to be at Noemia's soon. They have to honor the schedule, he leaves hungry but happy, Deb can't believe her 'rents.

Darson and Silas have a heart to heart. Darson is sad no Tessa, he tells Silas all about it. Olenka comes and she tells Silas, she's leaving, this was a bad idea, she is also leaving her job at the bar, starting anew. She wants to work on being a true friend to Mona Lisa. She firmly believes that both Silas and Mona Lisa are still in love. She goes. Now Darson and Silas have a cry fest and hug. They aren't made for love says Silas.

When Zeze brings food to Carm she sneaks out again. She takes the car and goes to the cabin, looking for Max, he isn't there. Nina had called Begonia for help and the guy at the hostel calls the cabin about a yacht inspection for a yacht that Max owns. Now Carm knows all about the yacht Max bought she gets directions to the yacht club. Oh, and Tifon knows Carm left, the Doc is eating with the familia and the Doc says Carm needs help.

Nina got to the cabin first and tells Max she wants to go to the yacht. It's a surprise, she wants to sleep with him. He's all for that, grabs two bottles of champagne and goes with Nina.

They are now on the yacht, making out when Carm comes loaded for bear. She walks in on them and yells Rita when she sees them. Oi, Oi, Oi!

ok, some trivia to tack onto Hombre's wonderful recap,

Nacha compliments Lu on her porcelain skin, like a china doll, slaps her, is it red, no it's still yellow.

Nacha rants on about the chinese, says she killed Lu's mother and father, only regrets not killing them all, she also goes into how the chinese came to mexico to plant poppies and sell heroin to the americans, displacing the mexican workers,
Lu says she is quite the patriot.

Antonio sends Alacran to Guadalajara, to talk to Octavio Franco, I need his help and tell him we will do business with him.

when Alacran finds Mireya in the back of his truck he tells her he's taking her back and she says NO! stopping him in his tracks, so he lets her tag along but
1) they are going to do his errand first
2) no questions
3) she'll call her dad.
when he turns his back, she kicks dirt at him.

he helps Lu by loosening her ropes,

when Arulfo arrives, his ears being pushed out by his big hat, he asks Moi about strangers snooping around their labs and farm, Moi says you can't always believe Jacinto, Arulfo thinks it is Moi that is lying, but Moi says, for example Jacinto didn't really kill Alma, but their conversation is interrupted.

la Nacha pulls Moi aside tells him to go get Camelia, and gives him her location, it's important.

asks Antonio if he can have his mayor's chair back, then gets a call, another prostitute was found dead, second this week.

Arulfo arrives, I'm just the messenger, I can take you to Lu/Nacha, alone, Antonio says his scar is ugly, it was Alma's fault Arulfo says, but now I have a lucky charm as he holds up the finger-on-a-chain.

Nacha says, I'll let you live if you understand that you work for me,
she later cuts off Lu's finger with her cigar snipper,
and her guys beat on Antonio to calm him down,

then she offers to shake Antonio's hand, business is business, but he says it's war.

Nacha says, the only reason I don't kill you now is because I want to give you Camelia, in pieces, first.

emilio keeps trying to call his mom, but lately no one is answering, get used to it her mom tells him, your mother is obsessed with the woman that killed your dad,

her mom then runs down Emilio, blah, blah,
my dad wasn't bad, and I am going to be just like him, a defiant emilio says!

Camelia is having a tough time with Emilio's ghost, or is he real. she faints and wakes up much later in Emilio's truck, she is sure that she shot him but Emilio tells her she ran after their fight with Bill and he is just finding her, (and the big bag of money ??)

then Emilio/Aaron calls Alison, we can't cross the border because she is wanted, Alison tells him to take her to a certain motel, I'm coming.

out of nowhere, like he always does, Carson shows up and is not fooled at all by Aaron, Aaron says he is not like his brother, Carson agrees,

Camelia recognizes Carson from the farm, and hides.

Aaron takes her to the motel and every minute she doubts him more, finally she makes a break for it but he catches her, then she smashes a vase over his head and holds a piece of glass to his throat,

"I loved Emilio and you're not him",
"when he kissed me I felt like I was dreaming",
"I killed Emilio because I couldn't imagine a life without him".

(some say Camelia was not a bad woman, just a woman treated badly)

Gracias for the recaps, Ladies. Y acabo de aprender una nueva palabra. ricachona. :-)

If there's one thing i had to adjust to when i started watching novelas, it's how the protagonists fail to protect themselves and/ or question what's really going on. Their perception of a bad guy is always the obvious one with the horns. How ridiculous that Mondriana believes that she may have given Gerardo the wealth her daughters deserve. Really? And I agree, she's not thinking that Gerardo is essentially over Monica and totally into her after only a month. And i agree, evertime she exits the secret room I cringe.

As for Lorena, i think she realized, at least a little, that Elena can't be trusted. She and Gerardo admitted that they're lovers yet Elena is clearly planting seeds of distrust in Cami's mind.

I used to hate to see commercials with David Chocorro in his previous novelas. He was ALWAYS sad or crying. Im guessing that's his 'thing'. And although I'm betting that he'll reunite with Andriana in the end, I want the writers to cut him some slack and spare me months of watching him beg and cry. Lol. Perhaps Selma will put hm at ease in tonight's episodio.

En Otra Piel – Thursday – Part 1

Mondriana has asked to meet Gerardo meet for lunch. She tells him that a friend of hers was raped by someone who beat and abused her leaving physical and emotional damage. Her friend can't report his crime to the police because she is undocumented and he is influential. Finally, she tells Gerardo that the rapist is, in fact, the pervy judge.

She tells Gerardo that she is terrified that the pervy judge will harm. she almost says, “her daughters” but catches herself in time. She asks Gerardo why he kept the judge from approaching Camila at the tribute to Mónica. Did he know about the pervy judge's secret vice? Gerardo replies that of course he didn't know that the judge was a perv. He just felt that there was something inappropriate in the judge's conduct with Camila.

Mondriana asks Gerardo to warn Elena about the judge and says that without proof their hands are tied. Of course, Gerardo has proof and he flashes back to watching the video of the judge and the prostitute. Gerardo assures Mondriana that the evilness of the judge will soon be exposed to the world.

Then Gerardo wants to talk about them. Mondriana says no. Gerardo asks if she thinks they should wait because of his wife. He says that his wife is gone but both of them are here and can't deny what they feel. They kiss. Mondriana protests again and Gerardo says that he loved his wife very much and she will always hold a special place in his heart and he knows that she would want Mondriana and him to be together.

Another slice of life in the barrios of East LA. A guy, named Daniel, I think, has tried to channel gang violence into healthy motorcycle (is this motocross?) racing. Diego has souped up a motorcycle for one gang and we find out that Jennifer is the driver for Rottweiler in a different gang. This puts her off limits to other guys but Gabriel is not intimidated.

There is a race and Jennifer wins. Diego's gang is PO'd. Diego suggests that the rider was at fault, not the motorcycle. The gang leader tells Diego that he has to ride in the next race one on one and he'd better win.

Before the race, Diego asks Valeria if Mondriana ever mentioned that she as involved with another guy. Valeria replies the Mondriana told them that she was in love with someone named Gerardo and that this was in the truck before they got to the US. Now Diego thinks that Adriana was cheating on him in Mexico. He is angry and goes off and wins the race. There is almost a fight between the gangs but Daniel steps in and calms things down.

En Otra Piel – Thursday – Part 2

Marta tells the Little Prince (Ricardo) that he should forget Camila, go back to law school with the money that Mondriana gave him and find some other girl. Ricardo replies that the semester has already started. He can't go to law school this year.

Marta then tells him that Elena introduced Camila to another rich guy, Ernesto, and they are going out. Marta tells Ricardo that if he can't go back to school, he should get a job and some experience. Ricardo replies with the most pathetic excuse ever – he is concerned about the danger to Camila and Emiliana from Elena. Since Ricardo isn't supposed to be at the house, how is his not getting a job going to protect Camila and Emiliana?

Marta replies that is why she stayed at the house. Ricardo asks what about when Marta goes out grocery shopping [or is spending all her time at the hospital]? Vicki is ruled out as a possibility [couldn't she do the grocery shopping, though?]. Marta suggests Lorena. Ricardo points out that Lorena is Elena's mother. What about Mondriana? Ricardo asks his mother what she knows about Mondriana. Ricardo tells her that he found out that Diego and Mondriana apparently had a relationship.

Pachuco visits Carlos in prison and tells him that he found out that Adriana and the other girls went to LA. Carlos tells him that he should be released from prison soon and he needs a new identity and passport so that he can go to LA and find the girls.

Rodrigo tells Marta that he has never stopped loving her. She asks him about Diego and Rodrigo replies that Diego just came from Mexico to find his girlfriend.

Emiliana tells Lorena that her mother came to visit her one night and left Camila a note. Lorena thinks that the letter business is pretty weird. Then Emiliana tells Lorena that she is ok with Lorena being her guardian but she doesn't want Lorena to be her mother. She is too old for that. She wants Lorena to promise that Mondriana can stay at the house.

Elena gets a call from the judge to come and sign papers. She calls Gerardo whose responses make it clear that he is with someone and can't speak openly. Elena wants to know who he is with but Gerardo hangs up the call and tells Mondriana that he has to leave but not before another passionate kiss.

En Otra Piel – Thursday – Part 3

The pervy judge tells Gerardo and Elena that he has set a date for the validation of their will. He found Mónica's real will in the lawyer's papers and notes that it is quite different than their version. He has saved a copy in case anything happens to him. He says that his lawyer is drawing up the papers to give him his share of the business.

Gerardo warns the judge not to come near his house or office. He leaves. Elena asks the judge to stop provoking Gerardo. She promises that if he gives her the copy of the real will, she will arrange for him to be alone with one of Mónica's daughters. He can choose which one.

Camila and Emiliana are watching a movie. Emiliana wants to know who kisses better Ricardo or Ernesto. Camila doesn't want to discuss it. Emiliana demonstrates her maturity by saying that she has gotten her first period.

Diego and the girls come back from the race and Lupe is watching Selma's TV show. Diego recognizes Selma as Adriana's friend. Valeria advises him to stop obsessing about a girl who doesn't care about him anymore and find someone who does [like her]. He tells the Lupe and the girls that he has to go for a walk and he goes right to Selma's house and demands to know who Mondriana is in love with.

Gerardo goes to Mondriana's place and they end up in bed together. They are taking crazy risks. Meanwhile, Elena tarts herself up but when she goes to Gerardo's room, he says that he isn't in the mood. Then Marta shows up at the guest house and wants to know if Mondriana has been telling the truth or is deceiving the family.

Rottweiler's guys catch Gabriel with Jennifer and beat him up.

Ricardo brings Marta home from the hospital. Camila is in the kitchen but she leaves without speaking to him. Then he runs after her and they kiss.

Things got a little complicated, as everyone's life is muddled up in everyone else's. Here's what I remember:

Antonio goes to visit Alma, who is being secretly protected at some "place for the dead", watched over by a lady named Mica. Tony tells Alma to be patient, he'll try to move her soon. Lu has followed, and surprises them. Alma doesn't mind talking to Lu. Lu apologizes for not being much of a mother. Alma says that both Camelia and Lu have two parts to their personalities. Camelia is good, but sometimes does bad, and Lu has a good side, but her revenge thing could cause problems. And Alma forsees lots of problems.

Alacran meets with Ottavio Grande in Guadalajara. I think he's of Puerto Rican descent (Mireya pops in, says that), and is hesitant to help until Alacran gives him a piece of paper. We think it's going to be a sum of money, but it says "Alma". Ottavio says he'll help.

Antonio will need it. His truck is stopped by some cops (hired by Arnulfo), drugs are planted on him, and he's thrown in jail. He calls the governor, who won't speak to him. Arnulfo gloats, says Tony will be in there 40 years, and just look at his cellmates (all hardened criminals). That night, one criminal punches Tony, bloodying his face, and lords it over Tony. Tony later says to him "Antonio Trevino". Huh? That's my name, remember it. He then brutally kicks the criminal in the knee, breaking his leg, causing him to scream in pain. Cool!!

Allison points a gun at Camelia, wants to kill her, especially after Cami says she loved Emilio, Emilio loved her back, it's just that she didn't know he had a wife and a son. So THAT's why you killed him, because he chose ME? roars Ali. Aaron breaks them up. He doesn't want Ali to have a criminal record. But before much else happens, Cami knees Aaron, then struggles with Ali on some stairs of doom. Ali goes down (broke her ankle), Cami escapes.

She's later found by Facundo, who sort of convinces her that he'll help, says he promised her mother to return her, no, she can't go back to Mexico, for now he'll hide her in one of Nacha's houses. They go there, but La Nacha herself shows up! Whoops!

Meanwhile, Tomasa finds out Benigno is gay, threatens him if he doesn't solve the problem of the killed hookers. Ben and Xiang follow the mute girl, who gets picked up by a young guy and dragged for a while. They beat the guy until he says it's his sargent, a soldier, who makes him procure these girls, which he later kills. So Ben and Xiang creep up to the military encampment. What can they do against all those soldiers?

my daily trips to the library for english captions has really added another dimension to this story, all of the conversations are so subtle, like you were pointing out, Alison realizing that Emilio left Camelia for her.

and Camelia with her big bag, is looking like she hasn't slept for a couple of weeks, but that doesn't stop her from getting into everyone's face. (Sara Maldonado is doing a wonderful job)

Facundo/Moi is one of the few good guys, and has been pretty lucky so far weaving himself along between the bad guys, but la Nacha is the worst of all, not so mellowed out by their intimate moments.

I'm loving how el Alacran has noticed Mireya, but then she just doesn't go away, does she.

Ofelia Osuna, Miyeya's older sister is a curious person, not the spoiled one, but always looking like she is part of a mariachi band.

Xiang, kind of adds a Charlie Chan element, they should film his parts in black and white.

and Antonio was looking pretty defeated after his pummeling, until he laid that big guy out on the floor with a simple kick, "Antonio Treviño". remember it.


More secrets, oi, oi, oi! We begin with the confrontation with Max, Carm and Nina. Carm has caught them making out and goes ballistic. She accuses them of being amantes, neither deny this and she gets on top of Nina and chokes her. Max grabs Carm and shoves her into a door, she has a bump on her head. But, but, Max is her man she tells Nina, not anymore. Carm has lied, cheated and manipulated Max, never come through with her promises all these years. Now Max has to make a choice, either Carm or Nina, he choose Nina. Carm promises to kill them both. Max locks steps her off the yacht and calls her loca. Now he wants to know where she is going, she is in no condition to drive. She takes off in her car, and Max is riddled with guilt.

Tifon and familia are at home with the Doc. He tells the familia if they need him call. Tifon calls Zenon for help with Nina and Carm cause they have both disappeared. He has tried calling Nina's cell and Carm's too no answer. Muricy's suspicions about Nina grow. Zenon comes.

Jorgito is talking to Deb about how his life is crap, no one is telling him the truth, Nina is blackmailing Carm some how and Deb is the only one that he trusts.

Santi and Mama L have a convo. He loves his grandson, but feels in order for Jorgito to be happy he needs the truth. Mama L feels this is Nina's fault for this venganza. Mama L feels so guilty all these 30 years. Santi tells her he's always been with her, she mi amor's him and tells him to forgive her and she goes.

Max goes back onto the yacht and tells Nina he doesn't want to be responsible for any accident Carm has. Nina is glad he resisted Carm and Max informs Nina she knows nothing of Carm's life. He says that Carm and Nina are so alike, Nina says not so. She has to go back to the house now. She goes and Max stares at himself in the mirror.

Carm is driving and crying and thinking back to how nice she was to Nina and then the last time she saw her in Max's arms. Carm has an accident.

The familia feels riddled with guilt. Leleco says it isn't their fault, Muricy blames Nina. Tifon says Nina not at fault. Nina comes in and Tifon asks if she found Carm, nopis. Zenon gets a call about the accident, the car is empty no Carm. Tifon thinks maybe this is another kidnap.

Carm is walking around and stops at a bar. She's got a cut on her head. She buys the bottle of liquor and talks to a guy at the bar. Life is trash, there is no love in the world, everything is about money. She says Dios was wrong. She cries, she drinks and wonders what the hell this kind of life is? It's better to be dead. She sees a garbage truck and hitches a ride. And goes to Tiradero. She thanks the guy for the ride. She's still got that bottle and drinks and greets friends of hers at Tiradero. She even dances with one of them. Mama L finally sees her and calls to her. Carm calls Max a traitor, Jorgito hates her, Tifon doesn't care, Agatha hates her and Mama L ruined her life. She runs Mama L off.

Mama L calls Tifon and tells him Carm is there. Tifon and Leleco show up at Tiradero to take Carm home. Carm says her home is the Tiradero. and to leave her be. Tifon and Leleco take her off and she calls Mama L a killer.

Thanks so much for the recap, Jean. I get a kick out of the way you occasionally expect logic out of these characters, pointing out the fallacies!

Carlos, of course, wants revenge on Mondriana for burning down his brothel. But he also, I think, still has a sweet tooth for her he referred to her as La Chula when talking with Pachuco.

One TN constant that annoys me is the nosy, overinvolved household employee. Marta falls into this category. She just HAS to loyally start grilling Mondriana as if it were HER child who was being taught by her. And she totally dropped the ball earlier by basically siding with Elena against her own son, Gabriel. This hyper-loyal, faithful retainer meme gets on my last nerve.

The East LA gang thing kind of leaves me cold. I guess they're trying to make a social justice point or something. But the exaggerated ghetto-speak in Spanglish of the gang leaders is ridiculous. And, of course, they are not really US born Latinos because their accents in English and Spanglish are all wrong.

Yep, Gerardo and Mondriana are taking crazy risks. Gerardo, especially, already heard Elena say she'd kill Mondriana if there were anything going on. So what does this terrific guy do but bed her right on the premises, risking her life!


Deb and Jorgito have ridden bikes to the beach and talk. Jorgito is mad that neither Nina, Mama L or even Santi won't talk. Deb says blackmail can't be for nothing. Jorgito is wanting to get chummy with Deb, but she tells him they are just friends.

Mama L calls Max and wants a meet. She tells him about Carm being all drunk at Tiradero, and Max is upset.

Nina is making a meal and talking to Agatha, who feels guilty for saying her Mama is loca. Nina says that Carm isn't loca, just has problems. Her cell rings and it's Max. Nina talks to him in her room and tells him he made the right choice and she knew about Carm at Tiradero, Tifon went to get her, she'll see him later, click! Max is pithed.

Tifon brings Carm in and everyone wants to comfort her. Nina comes in and Carm screams at her. Carm chases her, Tifon grabs Carm and puts her in her room.

Max comes to see Mama L. She is happy to see him. She tells him about Carm drinking, talking to old friends, they aren't young anymore. She never abandoned Max she calls him hijo, he doesn't want to hear it. She wants Max to sit and she tells him to let Nina go, she isn't for him. Max feels that Nina is way better than Carm. She tells him to take Carm and go far, far away. It would be better for them, and second chances can happen. He doesn't like this and tells her bye. She takes a box of old pics out, finds one of him and holds it.

Tifon has gone to the soccer field to talk to Jorgito. He wants him to come see his Mama, she's in a bad way. Jorgito doesn't care, she dropped him off at Tiradero when he was 3, they go have a beer.

Carlitos and Alexia have done the deed, and evidently this new contract is so strict that Carlitos can't breathe. It's his birthday and he has to go from one to the other wives so Alexia says why not celebrate all together, so they do, at a Japanese restaurant, everyone is happy, even the kids are there, and even Alexia's Mama.

Iran has come to visit his Mama Mona L and tells her she has a visitor and to give it a chance. He goes and it's Olenka come to plead her case again. She misses Mona L and wants their friendship back, she's left Silas. Mona L can't believe she came over again, but they reminisce and ending up repairing their friendship. Olenka and Mona L are so happy. They hug and Olenka thanks Mona L for giving her another chance. They went out and came back with a cake. Mona L talks about moving to the Zona Sur and Olenka tells her best to stay in Divino where she is the Queen. She tells her at midnight the streets of Zona Sur are dead, while in Divino they are hopping. Tifon comes to talk to Mona L, he needs advice and Olenka goes. He's glad that Olenka and Mona L have patched things up. He hears things. Doesn't like her going to the Zona Sur either. He tells her about Carm needing a psychiatrist and she asks him what happened to that woman he fell for, what woman he says? Mona L can't believe it. She gives him hell and he goes. She later tells Olenka that Tifon is in love with another woman.

Nilo is out dancing in the street, and brings his buddies back to the hotel. Management comes up to evict him cause the tab hasn't been paid. Nilo assures them that Nina will pay. They tried calling her no answer. So he is thrown out on his hind end. He ends up going to the mansion and wants to speak to Carm.

Jorigto talks to Deb again and tells her about Carm's latest crisis, at Tiradero drunk. She tells him that he still isn't over Nina and that Nina is a cobra.

Santi and Mama L talk again. She doesn't like what is going on with Max, after all Max is her TRUE SON. Santi reminds her that children have their own personalities and there is nothing they can do to change that. It isn't their fault, even though both feel very guilty.


Tifon wants to get a psychiatrist for Carm, Leleco thinks she needs the manicomio. They are informed by Zeze that Nilo is at the gate wanting Carm. They send him away, but Carm says she'll see him. They want the meeting in the Sala in front of everyone, she says she wants him up in her room in private. She gets that and Nina is worried.

Nina is in the kitchen and Jan is trying to tell her to talk about it. Nina gets another call from Max and takes it in her room. She tells him things are fine, she has a solution, and he tells her he knows about the Tiradero and hangs up on her.

After Carm takes Nilo upstairs Leleco thinks she is completely loca and Muricy asks if Nina knows Nilo cause of the look her gave her, nopis she says.
Carm has taken Nilo up to her room. He wants some clothes and she gives him some of Tifon's also his cologne. He lets Carm know he knows about the kidnap plot of Max and Carm. He says he's there cause no one paid his hotel bill. She calls him vulgar and he wants to know if she keeps the money in her room. She says Rita/Nina is here for venganza. Tifon comes and Carm tells him she gave Nilo some of his stuff, even a watch, he is in need. Tifon doesn't care. Tifon escorts Nilo downstairs and Carm is alone and thinks oh, crap Nina knows about the whole kidnap crap! I didn't catch if Nilo told Carm that Nina used that lana to pay his bills.

Nilo goes downstairs and chats with the familia, picks at food and is about to go when he wants to thank that little chef. He also talks about Hitchcock and one of his movies, where you let someone in your home and you don't know them and they aren't what they seem. They think he is loco. He gets escorted out by Nina, who forks over some money for him. He wants more and is pithed at Nina for cutting him off, but he goes. Jan comes out and says Nina is wanted by Carm.

Nina goes up and Carm swears she will kill Nina. Carm now knows that Nina was the one that warned Tifon about the kidnap. Nina says she wanted to help Tifon and not only him the whole family. Carm wants her family not to be destroyed the way Nina is destroying it, cause without family you are nothing. Carm, I think, tells Nina that Genesio wasn't so innocent. All this is for Nina's venganza she says. Carm says one day people will find out who Nina really is and what she is. Carm is alone now and wants Nina gone y punto. Oi, Oi, Oi. So the big question is, is Mama L, Max's bio Mama? They usually don't say verdadero Mama without it being bio. Another mystery solved.

Antonio swears to Lu that Nacha will pay with her life, I have one last bullet, a silver bullet, and I'm going to use it.

is it Octavio, who later tells us his story, Antonio wouldn't give him a job but gave him $500, and he started running pills across the border in his glove box, later wanted Antonio to come in with him but there was some kind of problem with Nacha, and he moved south where there was less competition, Alacran (with Alma written in a paper) says it's time to pay him back, Octavio says he's in.
(btw he knows Mireya's dad as well)

Arulfo thinks Nacha is crazy for letting Antonio go, "dead dogs don't bite", but she has other plans, he asks if he can punish Antonio some more, she says sure, just don't kill him, that's for me.

later Arulfo calls Antonio a "rookie" for venturing out of the municipality where his brother is president.

trouble at the Osunos, strangers have been seen snooping around, Dionisio arms his guys, sends a guy to town for more help and has one break out the 50 caliber and mount it on a roof, Ofelia says the tracks found were from a military boot, (hmm, like the army guys Ben has found)

Aaron admits to a stunned Camelia that it's better off that Emilio is dead, and she throws back that twin brother's always want what the other has.

Later, instead of chasing Camelia, Aaron wheels Alison home, saying that she should have listened to him, she says you're lucky I can't stand or I would break your nose, and later on he explains how from now on they will do what he says, oooo.

Antonio earlier visits Alma, she refers to herself as the "queen of the dead", and let's on that something very serious is going to happen, even the rocks will die, but she doesn't know what it is,

Lu appears, and stays to chat as Antonio leaves, she starts off nice, but Alma reminds her that Lu never liked her, but they go on to bond, they have both lost their parents, Alma's in an explosion that left her blind, and both saved by Antonio, Lu fixes her some tea for her nerves but Alma reminds her dead people don't get nervous. Lu wonders if Camelia will be like them, Alma says she met her. but don't tell Antonio, Camelia is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and she is like you, Lu, you both want 2 things at the same time, Lu, Antonio's love and her revenge, Camelia, justice and power, but in the end you will do things that you will regret.

Tomasa threatens Ben if he doesn't handle the prostitution's death personally she will expose him, and mentions another politician that was exposed and thrown out of the party.

Moi rounds up Camelia and takes her to one of Nacha's safe houses, things aren't always as they seem, he says, like the transvestites that rent this house and sell drugs, he explains that he is working for her mother to return her safely home (they have both been calling her but no answer and wonder where she is) but took the job with Nacha to find her.

Camelia says she can't go home, she has to go to Mexico, to return her big bag to Mireya, so that she can at least say that she did one good thing.


Monalisa and Olenka have made up:

"Somos la uña y la cutícula." ("We are the nail and the cuticle." Very appropriate for someone who owns a salon.)

More later on all these tangled relationships. :-0

Thanks for the recipe. It looks delicious. Cubans eat a lot of that salted codfish also. I make a dish called " Bacalao a la Vizcaina" which is delicious. It's probably a Spanish dish originally. It's made with onions, roasted peppers, olive oil, olives , garlic and, herbs. Yummy.

I can't believe we have 60 hours of this to go. I thought it was almost over. We now know who Carmina's father is and we know Lucinda is not her mother. The whole Tiradero is still very mysterious.

I imagine Nina gave Max the money to make it look like Carmina's stole this money from Tifon to give to Max, thereby implicating them both. He's flashing it around so it will be easy to trace.

I met with a Brazilian client of mine this week and I asked him why calling someone a "suburbano" is a derogatory name. He says a suburbano is someone that walks around wearing wife beaters and smoking cigars. I guess like Leleco. In Rio they tend to live in the suburbs, where it's cheaper to live. Carlito's wife (forgot her name) always calls Jorgito a suburbano.

I'm really enjoying this novela, although I am also sick of Nina. Carmina's is doing a great job, and I love all the characters in Tifon's house. I also like Monalisa and her clan. I've been ignoring the others. La Mujer del Vendaval just ended. I also liked that one. Now I'll have more time for Piel and Que Pobres.

Avenida: Ooh what a tangled web we weave ect..Nina will not come out smelling like roses when the caca hit the fan. She lied so many times about so many things that the family will not trust a word out of her mouth. Carminha can lie her way out of anything. Plus, the family will more than likely circle the wagon because of Tifon so oy oy oy. Mama L is Max's mama. More damaged people.


We know that Santiago is Carmina's father and therefore Jorgito's grandfather.

We know that Lucinda is Max's mother and therefore Jorgito's grandmother.

We've known for a while that Nilo is Max's father and therefore Jorgito's grandfather.

The only person missing in this is Carmina's mother. They keep mentioning a tragedy. Not a spoiler: Carmina called Lucinda "asesina" so did she kill Carmina's mother? Did Santiago?

It doesn't make sense to me that Carmina would leave three-year old Jorgito with a woman she despised and still does. Where does Max fit into all this? They made a pact that they would always be together. Remember Neide? She said that Carmina stole Max from her. It's almost a parallel with what is happening with Nina, Jorgito and Debora. Rita and Patata had a "marriage ceremony" at the tiradero is this similar to Carmina and Max's pact?

Nina grows more loathsome by the day.

P.S. I read that Murilo Benício studied English in California.

hmm, looks like Facundo's luck has finally run out.

Benigno decides to cut his losses and declare the corporal the killer (not mentioning the sergeant that is the real killer) and turns him over to Tomasa who has the ladies of the town stone him, but saves him at the last minute and has him taken to the hospital. Later General Urdapilleta shows up and wants his man, alive. Ben wants him and his men out of there, the general tells him they are about done and will be gone shortly and you will KNOW it when it happens.

Nacha calls Camelia a pretty eyed Malverde, says she needs to keep her promise to send Antonia her head, but Camelia tells her that "hell is coming", (is Alma's impending doom waiting in the wings? )

Later she scoops up Manny at the place where the guns and napalm WERE, (we never did get to see what was under the plywood pieces), tortures and kills, wait, Camelia says, Manny says don't worry about me, we are both going to die, we are alike, bang, Nacha shoots him dead. (poor Manny)

Lu visits Antonio in jail in Batiquitas, Sinaloa, and while there Arulfo rubs it in to her that it was Ben that ratted her out to la Nacha, ahha, so Lu shows up at Ben's office, whose all puffed up being president, Lu tells him to get Antonio out of jail or. she will tell Antonio that Ben was responsible for getting his wife kidnapped, ut oh, so Ben shows up at the jail with armed cops and backs Arulfo down, releasing Antonio, and wow, did that ever come around to bite Arulfo.

Arulfo calls Jacinto out on not killing Alma, (but he thinks Moi did the job), Jacinto tells him that Alma would curse whoever killed her, so stay away from Moi, ha! these guys are quick thinkers.

while Alison is helpless, Aaron pitters about being the MAN of the house, she gets him into her bed and totally aroused, then says she will give him everything he wants, AFTER Camelia is dead. later Alacran and Mireya show up and they play dumb, Alacran takes Aaron for a walk, so as not to bother the girls, then tries to beat some info out of him, but Aaron stabs him 3 times in the gut and then bashes him with a rock (it's my understanding that gut wounds are a long slow sure death as the toxic substances in the intestines overwhelm the bodies defenses) and dumps him in a hollow tree, but later Alacran comes around. Aaron high tails it home, ties up Mireya and shoves her into the bathroom (he does that alot and how curious the locks are on the outside) and he grabs Alison and they get out of there.

Nacha seems to be getting bigger every show, Camelia asks Moi how she gets away with this stuff and he explains, she treats her people very very well but is merciless with her enemies, and pays everyone off on both sides of the border,

later, she's put Camelia in the trunk and is driving to Mexico, but stops short of the crossing to check on her and then tells her armed escort in a following van, booth 3, so their crossing must have been prearranged,
and even later when they are on their way to see the general, Moi asks, why would the general be here, Nacha answers, the general will be anywhere I tell him to be.

at the meeting Nacha jumps on the general about operation "condor",
WHEN were you going to tell me,
his answer, he calls in Facundo/Moi,

Nacha says, Moi, you are about to see a general apologize.
General Urdapilleta says, Facundo, you are about to see the most powerful drug dealer in Mexico, pee her pants,

and yes it's Facundo, Facundo Garcia, working for us, known in the military as an infiltrator.

deb nice recap. Seems like many doors in novelas can be locked from the outside and not unlocked from the inside, que? I ffigured Alacran would be climbing out of the tree, so now the back and forth on who ends up temporarily out of commission seems to be between Arron and Alacran as Emilio is gone. Had to laugh as he contorts his way out of the tree and struggles to make sure he gets his hat. Ugh, I don't like the scenes with the fingers coming off.
Mireya sure is spunky.

Soooo sorrry, guys, the recap is extremely late.
It will be up in a couple of hours, though. Stay tuned!

Part 1/2

Gerardo is not in the mood for love making, he rejects Elena. He doesn’t even want to go do it at the cabanathat which used to be Monica’s favorite place, he thinks it would be too morbid. Elena doesn’t understand what is wrong with him and why he rejects her all of a sudden – that makes her feel so bad.
Well, how does she think that he feels, always having to be ready to please her, always at her disposal? Poor guy! Gerardo Fonsi aka modern sexual slave.

Ricardo and Camila continue smooching outside the house he asks about Ernesto, she says he’s nobody, just a friend and then they talk about Elena. He promises never to say anything bad about the prima again, but she doesn’t want him just to go along for her sake – it’s not like Elena is hiding something that she has no clue about, she’s not that naïve.
Their kissy encounter is interrupted by Maite calling to tell Ricardo that Gabe has been gravely beaten and is at the bar.

Marta is demanding to know what Mondriana is hiding what about this Diego fellow, who always seems to be around lately and has been searching for her?
Mondriana makes up a story about meeting Diego while she was visiting Mexico. He fell for her, but she didn’t feel the same. Marta is surprised by a possible relationship between the two of them, they seem so different. Is he a stalker by any chance, could the girls be in danger because of him?
Mondriana assures Marta that Diego is harmless and asks her to keep his existence a secret from Elena and Lorena, because she really loves Emi and she doesn’t want to be separated from her. Marta agrees for now.

Diego has come to visit Selma, he’s in search of some answers about Adriana’s sudden change. At first he thought that the hit on the head provoked all this, but now he found out that she’s in love with some guy, Gerardo. Selma tells him to just take things as they are and move on, at least for now. Diego doesn’t understand her words, he gets mad, but eventually he leaves.
Selma calls Mondriana to tell her about the talk she feels very bad for Diego, but she can’t help him. Mondriana feels bad, too, especially since now she also had to lie to Marta. There are so many lies that she has to say every day, thank God that she has Gerardo. He is so strong and wonderful and he will be keeping an eye on the pervy judge. Selma assures Mondriana that being with Gerardo is not wrong, since she loves him and he is her husband.

Elena is in full blown crisis, when her mother comes to her room. For once, Elena accepts her mother’s hugs and tells her, while sobbing, that everything always comes so hard to her, she always has to fight for what she wants, as opposed to tia Monica, who always had everything handed to her. She doesn’t go any further and Lorena does the best she can to comfort her.

Gerardo has gone to talk to Ernesto. He thinks that Elena is too possessive and he’s nobody’s sex machine (he could have fooled me). Ernesto is surprised that Gerardo would no longer be into Elena the way he was just a while ago.
Well, as it turns out, Gerardo is falling for young Monica, who is the perfect woman: he has the sensitivity and sweetness of Old Monica and the body of a goddess.
So, Gerardo IS falling for his dead wife’s soul and spirit and whatnot, even if it was the hot body what first attracted him. What if instead of getting Elena’s young body when all is said and done, Monica’s soul starts inhabiting some other old body, too? This is the only way she could really be sure of Gerardo’s true feelings.
Ernesto warns Gerardo that he is playing with fire, Elena is very dangerous.

Part 2/2

Diego is remembering how Mondriana told him that she’s in love with another man the downstairs phone rings: it’s Ric, asking him to go stay with Rodrigo at the hospital, because Gabe is hurt.
Ric and Cami have brought Gabe home. He wants to call Jennifer to make sure that she’s ok Ric thinks he should stay away from her, but Cami supports his decision.
Jennifer rejects him, though, asks him never to call her again. She says that because the Rotweiller is threatening to kill Gabe if she doesn’t break up with him.
Gabe is very upset about being dumped. He guesses that maybe Jennifer is doing this to protect him.
When Ric leaves to go buy some medicine, Gabe confesses to Camila how much he loves Jennifer.
She asks him what really happened with Elena. He makes up a story about how he sometimes interprets things the wrong way and that’s what happened with Elena. She is hot and he thought that she was into him, but he was obviously wrong.

At the hospital, Diego doesn’t tell Rodrigo that Gabe has been hurt by some street thugs, he just says that the boys are both very tired. They start talking about how different his Adriana is now and then about Monica Serrano and what a special woman she was. When Rodrigo mentions her husband’s name, Gerardo, Diego realizes that this is the guy that Adriana loves now.

Morning comes Elena is still in bed, remembering Gerardo’s rejection, when Lorena comes to bring her breakfast. Elena doesn’t reject her mother, but she asks her to leave her alone.
Lorena thinks that Elena looks bad, she didn’t sleep well, so she’ll prepare one of her remedies for dark circles and swollen eyes.
I wish I looked half as “bad” as Elena does when I wake up. Perfect make up, clear skin, would it have killed them to go a little bit less heavy with the mascara just for once?

At the breakfast table, Emi is planning to go bike riding with Camila and Mondriana. Lorena joins them and says that Elena isn’t feeling well, so she’ll be eating in bed but she feels very good, since she and her daughter had a nice moment the other night.
Camila mentions that she plans to go see the judge and Mondriana nearly screams that she can’t go alone. Just then Gerardo walks in and Mondriana suggests that he should accompany her. Gerardo agrees, he thinks that the lawyers should handle the situation, but Camila asks him to butt out.
Someone is at the door, asking to see Mondriana, so she leaves.
Elena walks in just in time to say in front of everyone who is still at the table that Camila needs to lean on the judge, because he is willing to help her, as opposed to Gerardo, who is selfish and self-involved. Gerardo is shocked by this sudden attack in front of the entire family.

Mondriana goes at the gates, where Diego is waiting for her. She asks him to leave before he is seen, but he demands to know if she’s afraid that Gerardo, Monica Serrano’s widow could catch them together.

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