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Baked pumpkin, stuffed with walnuts, and bitter cherry jam in slow cooker Crock-Pot 4.7 L

Baked pumpkin, stuffed with walnuts, and bitter cherry jam in slow cooker Crock-Pot 4.7 L

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Wash the pumpkin well. We wipe it with a paper towel. We cut its lid carefully. We cleaned it of seeds. We put it aside.

We prepare a mix of roasted walnuts, raw sugar (depending on how sweet we prefer), chocolate, spices.

Connect the appliance to a power source.

We fill the pumpkin with butter, walnut mix. We place it in the bowl of the appliance. We pour a cup of water. Cover and select the Crock-Pot slow cooker on High mode, cooking time 2 hours. I don't like it to be too soft, but if you prefer it that way, you can supplement the cooking time.

After the appliance ends, the Crock-Pot 4.7 l Digital slow cooker automatically switches to the keep warm function.

Serve immediately or keep warm until ready to serve. You can serve with sweet cream topping. I served it with black cherry jam.

Autumn scent and taste!

Extraordinary orange jam orange jam recipe

Extraordinary orange jam orange jam recipe. How to make well-bound orange jam? How long does the orange jam boil and how is it stored after being placed in jars? A can of citrus that is prepared in winter.

We are looking for a recipe for orange jam with peel because I had eaten in Italy many years ago and I kept thinking about it: orange marmalade. I do it at home orange peel jam (recipe here) but I also wanted to make a fine jam that could be spread on bread with butter.

I remember feeling in that Italian marmalade that the oranges were threaded (meaning they didn't have the white membranes that wrap the slices). In addition, through the jar were the pieces of vanilla pods whose aroma complements wonderfully that of oranges but also small pieces of peel, finely chopped. The orange jam wasn't very sweet either.

I have now reconstituted that jam and something has come out of my dream! For the part with the shells, I was inspired by this site. The rest was reconstructed from my memory and the result was spectacular.

If you want you can use organic oranges, with untreated peel. Oranges can be small or large, with a thick or thin skin & # 8230 so the quantities below are indicative. What matters is the amount you have left after cleaning and threading them!

  • 2 kg oranges of which there are approx. 1 kg after cleaning
  • 400 g sugar
  • & frac12 vanilla stick or 1 teaspoon extract or 1 sachet of Bourbon vanilla sugar
  • optional: juice from & frac12 lemon