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Cabbage salad with celery and apple

Cabbage salad with celery and apple

I usually choose sour apples, but this time I had golden gold from the country.

We clean the cabbage from the first leaves and chop it faithfully, then we rub it with a little salt.

We clean the celery and put it on the large grater, then we add it over the cabbage.

Apples would have been indicated not to be peeled, but for me the peel separated by itself, being too ripe.

We also give the apples (without stalks), also on the large grater and we add them over the celery and cabbage and we mix everything evenly.

Sprinkle a little white pepper and add balsamic vinegar and oil, little by little until we get the taste that satisfies us.

I serve it plain, between meals, or as a salad for various dishes.

Good appetite!

Crispy salad with cabbage, carrots, apples, almonds and cranberries

A delicious salad both to eat and to watch. It can be made anytime during the year, but it is especially suitable for the transition from winter to spring because mainly seasonal foods are used, very nutritious.

Ingredients (6 servings)

- a lettuce (lettuce) cut into not very small pieces

- 2 cups chopped red cabbage

- 2 cups carrots cut into thin slices

- a cup of diced sweet apples

- half a cup of almonds

- half a cup of cranberries, preferably dehydrated, not candied

- a teaspoon of finely chopped mint (optional)

Sauce with honey and mustard

- a quarter cup of cold pressed olive oil

- a teaspoon of mustard seeds

- a freshly ground black pepper powder


Put the lettuce, cabbage and carrots in a salad bowl. Add half of the vinaigrette composition and mix. Mix the rest of the vinaigrette with the apples and cranberries, add them over the salad and garnish with crushed almonds and mint (if you chose to use it).

For the vinaigrette, combine all the ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.

Celery salad with carrots

Celery salad with carrots today it is a common one in our house. Sometimes we make it in combination with apple and we don't add a simple dressing, or, on holidays, we used to make it only carrot, celery and some mayonnaise.

But how for a while I started to avoid, for various reasons to use mayonnaise but still I did not want to give up the goodness of celery salad with carrots, I replaced it with a Greek yogurt dressing that I actually fell in love with. I feel like using it in any kind of salad like this.

In fact, the recipe of the past few days, if you remember, was also one with such a dressing. I am referring to the Coleslaw salad recipe, with carrot and cabbage, which has become our favorite since the new cabbage appeared on the market.

In fact, as many vegetables have now appeared and as many will still appear, it would be a shame not to take advantage of them and eat them in season, when they are tastier and healthier. Not to mention that they positively influence our budget by the fact that they are cheaper. So in the next period I will post more often such simple, fast, healthy recipes and .. "budget friendly" that is friendly to our budget.

Salad with cabbage, carrots and celery - Helps you lose weight quickly, without too much effort.

Salad is the first and healthiest option for a diet. Moreover, salad has become a specialty of the house among families who cook and eat healthy. The next salad is definitely not only healthy, but also very tasty. Consuming it, especially in the morning, but our recipe is more complex, you have huge and unexpected benefits. You need raw cabbage, raw celery and raw carrots in equal amounts.

Mix the vegetables, cut very finely or put on a fine grater, with lemon juice and a little olive oil. Then add a few olives, 1-2 tablespoons of boiled corn, finely chopped parsley or dill. The salad must be eaten in the morning.

But there is also a complete diet… For breakfast eat a slice of toast and an egg or a banana and a glass of grapefruit juice. At lunch, a plate of salad (300 g). As a snack you can eat an apple, and for dinner, a plate of salad (300 g).

For 3 weeks, consume 100-150 g of salad before main meals. You can eat anything without problems, but you must reduce portions and avoid unhealthy foods.

You will lose, in the three weeks, up to 5 kilograms. It is also very important to stay hydrated enough. It may be complicated to follow the diet exactly, but don't forget to eat this salad at dawn.

Helps detoxify the body
Improves gastrointestinal health
Indicated in the treatment of peptic ulcer.
Read also: Red Cabbage - an aid in fighting many types of cancer: colon, breast or uterine.

First of all we will prepare the vegetables that will be used: the carrot will be cleaned and washed, the beets will be peeled and boiled in salted water. Celery, also cleaned and washed, as well as apple, but we will leave it peeled due to the vitamins present in it.

We will prepare a large enough bowl with a wider mouth to put the vegetables that will be prepared one by one.

For cabbage we will use a special grater in & # 8221 V & # 8221, to make the cabbage faithful and uniform, but in its absence it can be cut with a very sharp knife.

Candy in a calendar box

Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

Then the cabbage will be put in the bowl already prepared, and we will take care of the carrot that we will put on the large grater, the celery as well, the red beets and also the apple.

All these vegetables will be placed over the cabbage, mixing them lightly with a fork or spatula.

For this recipe we will make a dressing thus: in a bowl we will put the lemon juice, the mustard, the honey, the salt and the pepper, following to be mixed lightly with a whisk and then put over the salad.

For a better taste and according to other people's preference, we will be able to put olives and even a few tablespoons of mayonnaise in the salad, preferably the one made at home, but if time does not allow us, we can also use the one from the shops.

Who loves walnuts, will also be able to put some in this salad, but this is optional. You can also cut a little greenery such as a little parsley or a few green celery leaves.

Vegetable salad combined with cabbage goes very well and used as a garnish for a grilled steak with a mashed potato.


White cabbage salad, one of the simplest and tastiest summer salads. Each one prepares it according to its own tastes, with the addition of carrots, bell peppers, cumin, celery leaves or even grated apple.

I like it in the simplest way possible, seasoned with oil and white wine vinegar, a little pepper and fresh dill.

  • 1 small white cabbage
  • 1 teaspoon grated salt
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar
  • pepper
  • fresh dill

How to prepare white cabbage salad

Wash, clean the cabbage of the first leaves and chop it as finely as you like. Mix it with salt, kneading gently, then let it rest for a while to take its salt.

Then squeeze it from the liquid it left and put it in a bowl.

Mix the oil with the vinegar, pepper to taste and pour the vinaigrette over the cabbage. Mix gently and decorate the salad with freshly chopped dill. Enjoy!

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Salad with celery and carrots

Salad recipe with celery and carrots comes from Tunisian cuisine and is excellent for those who are on a diet, but also for those who eat fresh vegetables.
For decoration, you can add a few slices of lemon.

Celery salad with carrots, apple and yogurt DRESSING

Celery salad with carrots and apple is a very popular, simple and very tasty salad. I prepare it quite often, especially in winter, when commercial tomatoes no longer taste good. This salad is also very healthy and is very easy to prepare.

Celery salad with carrots and apple can be left simple but it is much tastier with mayonnaise. But I don't use homemade mayonnaise, although I really like it :), and I made a yogurt dressing, meaning a simplified version of my light mayonnaise sauce. It is a yogurt sauce with mayonnaise taste, easier to prepare than light mayonnaise sauce because I gave up the boiled potato :). It went great with celery salad with carrots and mayonnaise!

You can serve this delicious salad as an appetizer or as a snack, even as a side dish. You can use celery, carrot and apple in the desired proportions or you can give up the apple.

Vanilla cream for cakes and pies

Ingredients needed to prepare the recipe for celery salad with carrots, apple and yogurt dressing:

For the yogurt dressing:
- 140g of yogurt
- 1 boiled egg yolk (hard)
- 1 teaspoon of mustard
- 2 tablespoons oil
- 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice (or to taste)
- salt and pepper to taste

How to prepare celery salad recipe with carrots, apple and yogurt dressing:

I left the apple with the peel, washed it and put it on the large grater.

Over all this I poured the yogurt dressing and mixed well. After mixing, I did a tasting and added salt, pepper and a little lemon juice :)

Detailed food plan

Day 1 of the cabbage juice diet:

Breakfast: a glass of cabbage juice, a salad of raw carrots, an apple and soaked nuts or a fresh fruit salad with whole grain flakes without sugar and soaked nuts / seeds.

10 o'clock: a glass of cabbage juice

Lunch: raw salad with wheat germ or other cereals and a soy yogurt.

16 o'clock: a glass of cabbage juice

Dinner: hot boiled vegetable salad or a hot vegetable soup with cereal germs or soaked nuts / seeds.

Days 2, 3 and 4 of the cabbage juice diet

Breakfast: a small glass of cabbage juice plus a large glass of carrot juice.

10 o'clock: a glass of celery juice

Lunch: a glass of beetroot juice

16 o'clock: a glass of red juice

Dinner: a glass of vegetable mixture juice

Day 5 of the cabbage juice diet

Breakfast: a ripe apple or any other seasonally cooked seasonal fruit without adding sugar. It is important that this first meal after the three days in which you drank only juices be made up of a solid preparation that you chew leisurely, so that the body slowly resumes the production of digestive juices.

10 o'clock: a glass of cabbage juice

Lunch: a hot vegetable cream soup

16 o'clock: a glass of vegetable juice

Dinner: a hot vegetable cream soup

Day 6 of the cabbage juice diet

On this last day of the diet, a slow transition to a normal diet is made. Light, fat-free, moderate meals are indicated. Cabbage juice and vegetable juices can still be consumed between meals.