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Who Invented M&M’s and Other Halloween Candy Origin Stories

Who Invented M&M’s and Other Halloween Candy Origin Stories

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Learn the twists and turns behind Halloween’s favorite confections


M&Ms are basically a copy of Smarties, a British confection that is a chocolate bead encased in a hard sugar shell.

There are a lot of amazing things about Halloween. Haunted houses, horror movies, and getting creative with your costume are all A-plus activities. Whether you prefer the homemade Halloween variety or classic favorites earned from a night going door-to-door in costume, this spooky holiday is synonymous with the sweet stuff.

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Seriously. Candy is more important to Halloween than any other day of the year. Americans spend more than $2 billion on Halloween candy annually. That price is paid largely by the 32.9 percent of parents in America who will take their kids trick-or-treating this year.

As we dive in to prime candy season, it seems only right that we delve into the history of some of these beloved little treats. For instance, did you know that candy corn was originally marketed as “chicken feed,” since the triangular candies looked like the feed farms gave to their fowl? Or that Milky Way candy bars were named after the delicious 1920s malted milkshake and are considered America’s first filled candy? There are so many more fun and fascinating facts to be found about the most popular Halloween candies. Just click here to read about who invented M&M’s and other Halloween candy origin stories.

Carolyn Menyes and Lauren Gordon contributed to this report.

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