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Oriental strudel Lucica

Oriental strudel Lucica

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The diced apricots are mixed, in a bowl, with the orange juice (I squeezed an orange)

Fry the meat in oil until it crumbles, then add the leeks and cook.

Add tomato paste and season with chili, cinnamon, curry, salt and pepper

Remove from the heat and incorporate the apricots with the juice and leave to cool.

Add the semolina previously mixed with the baking powder.

The oven is heated to 200 degrees Celsius.

On the work table we spread the dough, about 3 mm thick and spread the composition of chilled meat on top, leaving a free edge of about 2 cm around.

Grease the edges with beaten egg, roll the strudel and place it with the fold down, in a tray in which I put baking paper.

Grease the dough with egg and sprinkle with almonds.

Put it in the hot oven, at the right heat, for 25-30 minutes, until it browns nicely.

Meanwhile, prepare the sauce:

In a bowl, mix the yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, sugar, parsley and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Let it cool in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, to let the flavors penetrate.

Serve the strudel warm, sliced, with yogurt sauce.

Homemade halviţa with walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds & # 8211 nougat recipe as in the past

Homemade halvita with walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds & # 8211 nougat recipe as in the old days. What are the differences between whitewash and nougat? Nougat or nougat recipe. How to make homemade whites with egg whites, honey and walnuts or hazelnuts and wafer leaves? Recipes with egg whites. Recipes with wafer or Lica leaves. Homemade sweets recipes as in the past.

I think we all remember the sweet and sticky pieces of halviţa or nougat from childhood. They were found in confectioneries but also at street vendors in parks, markets or circuses. The bowl was cut into cubes or longer strips, had a soft and sticky core poured between two sheets of wafer (Lica sheets) and was packed in cellophane.

This childhood sweet has oriental origins and contains large amounts of carbohydrates (honey and sugar), balanced a little by the lemon juice in the composition. Walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios or almonds were not always present & # 8230 was a crisis! The specific aromas of Turkish whitewash are those of rose water or orange blossoms. We use vanilla.

Nougat (nougat) is a traditional sweet from the Middle East (Turkey, Azerbaijan, Persia). The term "nougat" comes from pan nogat (Occitan) with Latin origin & # 8211 panis nucatus (walnut bread). There are 3 categories of nougat or whitewash:

  • whitewash or walnut with walnut, hazelnut, almond, pistachio & # 8211 with egg whites, honey and flavors & # 8211 known in Italy as nougat (almond) since the fifteenth century, as nougat in Spain or nougat from Montélimar in France
  • halviţa or brown nougat (black nougat) without egg whites and with a strong, crunchy consistency
  • Viennese or German nougat (Wienernougat) which is similar to chocolate and is made from hazelnut paste, powder and cocoa mass. (Source info + Wikipedia images).

Danish ingredient & # 8211 danish pastry & # 8211 all kinds of croissants:

for the dough:

  • 600 grams of flour
  • 5 yolks
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 40 ml. of oil
  • 15 grams of fresh yeast
  • 28-300 ml. of warm milk

for packaging:

Specification: I used the above ingredients for the dough, with the 5 yolks, because they were left in the fridge and I was in a hurry to use them for something else I did Danish dough using the following: 20 grams of yeast, 600 grams of flour, 1 whole egg, 50 grams of butter, 80 grams of sugar, 250 ml of milk & # 8211 with identical results, only they came out a little whiter, they were not so intensely colored yellow in the texture of the dough.

Preparing Danish & # 8211 danish pastry & # 8211 all kinds of croissants:

Rub the yeast with 1 tablespoon of sugar in a bowl and dissolve in a few tablespoons of milk. Leave at room temperature, in a place away from electricity, for 10 minutes. Rub the yolks with the remaining salt and sugar, add the yeast and the rest of the warm milk until reaching a total volume of 350 ml.

Pour the liquid ingredients into the kneading bowl (if you knead by hand, pour into a bowl and add the flour, first mixing with a spoon, then kneading until you get a smooth and elastic dough).

Add the flour and knead for a few minutes, then add the oil and continue kneading.

Shortly after adding the oil, the dough will become smooth, elastic, pleasant to the touch and non-sticky. Place the dough in a bowl and leave it at room temperature, sprinkled with a little flour and covered with a napkin, to increase until it doubles in volume.

The raised dough is turned over on the work surface (picture 1) sprinkled with flour. It is spread in a rectangular sheet with a thickness of about 6-8 mm. on which the cold butter is evenly distributed (picture 2). On the long side of the dough rectangle, fold the edges towards the middle (picture 3, 4), meeting in a central line. On that line, the dough folds again, closing like a book (picture 5). The long rectangle obtained is folded once from the middle, on the long side (picture 6).

Wrap the dough with cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
After the waiting time has elapsed, the dough is placed again on the work surface sprinkled with flour, taking into account that the fold is on the left side.

Spread in a rectangular sheet, the long side of the rectangle to be from left to right. Wrap the dough in 3, on the long side.

It is wrapped and put back in the fridge for 30 minutes, to be folded in 3 more 3 times, with a rest time of 30 minutes after each new folding, each time taking into account that when stretching with the twister of the dough after the 30 minutes, to obtain a rectangle similar to the one taken out of the fridge, only much wider (ie the long side should be the longest and so on, I hope it is understood: P).
After the last folding in 3 (4th), the dough is left to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes, then it is taken out on the work surface sprinkled with flour and it starts to be spread with the rolling pin.

Just to make it easier to spread, I cut the dough in half, notice how beautiful the layers of dough look alternating with butter, in section.

Spread a sheet of 5-6 mm. thickness, which is cut into shapes according to preference, here are the triangles for the horns:

Which you fill with what you like best, I filled most of them with vanilla cream (click on the link for the full recipe, including video format) but I didn't get rid of my daughter so I wouldn't make a few and with chocolate cream.

Roll the croissants from the base to the top, hiding the filling well and place them in the tray with the distance between them, because they will grow a lot when baked.
Another assembly suggestion:

After assembling the dough in the desired shape, turn on the oven and set it at 200 degrees Celsius. In the time needed to heat the oven, the Danish trays will be at room temperature, away from electricity, and the croissants (or whatever shape you prefer) will grow. Bake at 200 degrees for 10 minutes, then reduce the heat to 180 degrees and continue baking until nicely browned (about another 10 minutes).
Allow to cool, powder with powdered sugar and serve. Great for breakfast, but no matter what time the clock shows: P, it's still hard to refrain from grabbing one from the tray.

Lean Cake

  • mąka & # 8211 3 filiżanki
  • cukier & # 8211 2 philanthropists
  • rafinowany olej słonecznikowy & # 8211 0, 75 filiżanek
  • soda & # 8211 2 łyżeczki
  • ocet & # 8211 2 łyżeczki.
  • sol & # 8211 szczypta
  • cocoa & # 8211 5 łyżek.
  • woda & # 8211 2 philanthropists
  • wanilina.

Wartość calories in 100 g product & # 8211 120 kcal.

Krok po kroku schemat gotowania chudego deseru bez jaj i mleka:

  1. Wymieszaj w suchych głębokich naczyniach: mąkę, kakao, sodę, cukier, sól i wanilię
  2. W wodzie wlej ocet i olej słonecznikowy, wymieszaj
  3. W mieszance z mąki stopniowo wlewać wodę, ciągle mieszając, aby uniknąć tworzenia grudek
  4. Piec rozgrzewa się
  5. W międzyczasie dokładnie natłuś masę rozłupaną masą, przykryj spód pergaminem, a także posmaruj go dużą ilością oleju i wlej do niego ciasto
  6. W piekarniku rozgrzanym do 180-200 stopni, wyłożyć ciasto, piec około pół godziny, a następnie sprawdzić gotowość wykałaczką: jeśli wykałaczka jest sucha, można ją wyjąć
  7. Schłodzić gotowy tort, po czym można go pokroić i posmarować kremem, polać czekoladą lub polewą czekoladową i podać do stołu Ciasto można również spożywać samodzielnie, posypane cukrem pudrem.

Jak zrobić ciasto na strudel na różne sposoby, przeczytaj nasz artykuł ..

Jak szybko i łatwo przygotować ciasto ze okazensowanym mlekiem.

Proponujemy Ci przepis na najpopularniejszy tort & # 8220Medovika & # 8221 ugotowany w powolnym piecu.

Classic cherry or cherry liqueur recipe

Oriental indulgence, fasting recipe with pickled ghebe. And to make your evenings as pleasant as possible, here you can also serve traditional Romanian drinks: brandy, sour cherry, blueberry, pickle. Cut the sauerkraut: Cut the onion: Place the cabbage, onion in the Roman bowl.

How to pickle watermelon for the winter. It's just that I've been making cherries for a few years, I always get the beginning of summer. After 100 days, the cherries are not left together with the cherries and cherries. Pickled gogons stuffed with beaten beans 05.

My mother used to put double refined alcohol on the sour cherry, which she doubted with water. Read also: How to make cherries? The traditional Romanian drink that has conquered generations.

The queen of chocolate cakes, the cleopatra cake with a countertop

Cake recipes & # 8211 we reveal tips and suggestions for desserts. The sheets are prepared in a unique way that you. To make this delicacy you need the following ingredients :. Julius Caesar soon arrived in Alexandria and, after discovering the death of his enemy, decided to restore order in Egypt. Wallachia, O-zone (as I mentioned earlier), Cleopatra Stratan and others. Burta soup, restaurant recipe Valahia University Targoviste provides. Simple dishes, easy to prepare, classic and wonderful at the same time. If you like my recipes, please Like and follow the page.

Cleopatra, after the civil war that followed the assassination of Caesar, met with Marc Antony in Assyria where. Cakes, tarts - we wish you all the best! I do not think we need a particular occasion or. Translation of this page イ ン タ ー ネ ッ ト 広 告 や テ レ ビ な ど の 規模 が 大 き い も の と 比 べ て, の ぼ り な ど の プ ロ モ ー シ ョ ン メ デ ィ ア は 細 か な ニ ー ズ に 応 え ら れ る と い う 機 動力 が 強 み で す. そ れ がき な 広 告.

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Cheese baskets

Pizza Margherita, video recipe and short history

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73 comments on Spirals with apples and raisins

I made the recipe today. Super good! Fluffy, fragrant & # 8230What else! A delight! I'll do it again. I definitely go with other fillings. I'm thinking of a chocolate cream with nuts & # 8230. Thanks for the recipe!

Put recipes from yourself and don't take them from others

Did you look when this recipe was posted? It's been published here since the spring of 2009. It's very unlikely I took it from anyone. :) Maybe vice versa.

[& # 8230] the original is HERE I dukanit it and used [& # 8230]

I made them and they turned out great, I'm sure I'll try them again because they are very good

[& # 8230] the twisted recipe! I found it here and I really liked it! It is a not very fluffy dough, made with yogurt. Apple filling with [& # 8230]

I made these spirals and to tell you the truth, I got scared at the thought that my husband couldn't help but eat until the disease started, I wanted to put a padlock in the fridge and give them the portion that came out very good, fluffy and tender, incredibly good!

It looks extraordinarily good, thanks for the recipe! I will definitely do it on Saturday: *

thanks for the recipe! I'm great!

Superb!! To as many recipes as possible from you !!

Looks very good ! Tonight I will try them too!

now we eat them & # 8230I put cream instead of yogurt.they came out fffffffvery good.thanks for the recipe

wonderful, I can't wait to make them & # 8230 & # 8230

they look good, I will try to make them too & # 8230you have exceptional recipes!

I don't usually make apple cakes in the summer, but seeing this recipe I found it very good and I tried it. It really is very good. I'm glad I learned something new.

Now I'm in the oven: D: D. I hope I get out. I don't know where I went wrong, but the dough came out a little sticky. It doesn't matter anyway. I managed to twist them, put them in the oven and now I'm waiting for it to be done: P. I sit and look at the oven in a daze.

they look so good that now I'm going to make them. I have a bad oven, that's why I pray even more for it to come out

it looks good! but could i replace the starch? with what? here where i am, i don't know if it is found! ms

I can't wait to try the recipe!

My dears, I tried this wonderful recipe today. It turned out perfect! I am very satisfied with this recipe. Try the walnut-apple version, instead of raisins-apples. you will like it just as much. a wonderful weekend for everyone: *

They turned out very well and are very tasty..the recipe is worth trying..I will try others from you dear Laura..thanks for the recipes posted. )

Very good! And with these, we celebrated today, some years ... from the marriage. Thanks & # 8230

They caught my looks good..I never made any kind of cake, but I started these spirals now, as soon as I read the recipe..thanks Laura..I didn't know you had talent and in the kitchen (not just singing). ) congratulations

I made them for the third time, they come out great every time, the children are crazy about them, thanks for the recipe :)

Very bineeeee thanks for the recipe :)

super recipe
.are good

Can they be made with salted cheese, for example? or with pumpkin?

they are very appetizing, right now I took them out and let them cool down a bit, extraordinary. Only I added raisins and apples to the walnuts, and instead of yogurt I put kefir, and the small mistake I made was that I put the filling a little warm and they kind of ran away from my hands when modeling, but they came out well until After all, it is one of the recipes that I will definitely make again. thank you for special recipes, which recipe I would not make from you all I do very well :),

They are wonderful! Lemon glaze gives them a very pleasant slightly sour taste. The next day they are just as soft and good. Thanks, Laura!

I am very happy to be well!

I'm trying them now. my dough didn't rise much: I left it at room temperature. it looks good anyway. thank you: D

Unfortunately, I think you did something wrong. Maybe it was a little too cold for the dough, maybe I should have waited & # 8230 I don & # 8230; t know, Iâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t been there. :)
I hope that next time it will turn out perfectly.

Now I took them out of the oven they are great (of course I burned my tongue with a very hot one), thanks for the recipe and not only this but also many others I used & # 8230..A beautiful and quiet weekend will I want.

Mony, I'm glad you tried them and found them to your liking. Good for you!

If instead of yogurt, I add sour cream ??

I do not recommend, rather healthy or whipped milk.

if I want to make the dough in the bread machine can I? in what order do I add the ingredients, in the specific order?

Sure, Adina, first the liquids and then the solids. Good luck with that :)!

I also tried to do the spirals today, but they didn't work out. I saw that there are still people here who didn't come out. I've made dough countless times, but none of them came out as bad as this one. I am very disappointed. I didn't manage to form spirals, but in order not to throw everything in the basket, I put the apple dough in a baking tray. However, not too many details about kneading the dough are specified in the recipe. It's not an easy thing to make a quality dough.

Dear Alina, I'm sorry they didn't come out. I understand you're frustrated with the failure, but there are a couple of people who didn't make it. Most of those who tried the recipe were successful, some even added pictures of what they did, which you can see at the end of the recipe. bucatarmaniac took over the recipe in 2009, specifying that it is from here and they succeeded as you can see: From him they took over other people and they succeeded, too. Regarding the dough, which is with dehydrated yeast: mix the yeast with flour and sugar, add the rest of the ingredients and knead well, until it does not stick to your hands at all. Or & # 8230 dissolve the yeast and sugar in the yogurt, mix the flour with the salt, pour over the flour the yeast dissolved in the yogurt, add the egg and the oil and, also, knead very well. It can help the bread machine, or other kneader. There are certain types of flour that have a lower quality and absorb less moisture, in which case 1-2 extra tablespoons of flour may be needed. That's it.

Thanks for the clarification. I don't mind being between the two people whose spirals didn't come out. For me, mistakes are constructive, and it can happen to anyone to fail with a recipe. The deadly attempt has no. The second time will be lucky.

It's very good that you think like that :). You will see, it is a smooth and very pleasant dough, which you will be able to use in other combinations, and if you reduce the sugar to just one teaspoon, enough to stimulate the yeast, and increase the salt to another teaspoon, you will be able to use successfully this dough for pies or pies with various fillings, with cheese, sausages in the dough, with meat, etc. I hold your fists and wait for you with good news.

Thanks, I will post them in my account here and on the blog, if I succeed. I've made dough before, but never with yogurt. In all there is a beginning :)

Something came out of me too. Thanks for the recipe!

What a simple and wonderful recipe! Some fluffy people came out so we can't stop eating! Apple cakes are my favorites and the spirals are topped. Thanks a lot!

With great pleasure, may you be well! :)

I made this recipe today, I followed the ingredients closely, but I came out with an incredibly soft dough. I added more flour (about 3 tablespoons extra) and it was still soft. From here, everything turned upside down, because I couldn't cut the spirals anymore, let alone twist them!
So I had to bake the whole thing, otherwise I risked getting in the trash & # 8230 I managed to save it a bit, but I was very disappointed & # 8230

I regret the failure you went through. This, however, is a recipe posted for years, and tried by many, many people (see the rest of the comments). I am inclined to believe that the mistake was somewhere in you, or maybe an ingredient was not of the required quality.

definitely the mistake belongs to me & # 8230 pity I don't know where

Well I don & # 8230; t know, we could find out. :) One of the problems, which does not necessarily involve a mistake on your part, would be that on such a heat wave as it is now, leavened dough can behave strangely. It may be helpful to slightly reduce the hydration ratio (less fluid) and / or leavening time.

READY. I managed to make them! I had emotions with their twist, but they turned out well! only mine have a little more filling and a bigger idea came out! only I tasted them, because they are the surprise for dinner! I really liked it & # 8230.are fragrant and fragrant! thank you for the recipe. a beautiful weekend with joy!

Fasting pie with mushrooms, leeks and potatoes

Orthodox Christian mushroom pie. Put diced margarine in a saucepan and add finely chopped green onions and well drained mushrooms. TIP To look more appetizing, grease the fasting mushroom pie with water mixed with paprika! If you want to know how you can cook fasting pie with mushrooms, then this recipe will satisfy all your curiosities and you will be pampered with one. A fasting pie, with crispy leaves and seasonal filling, with fresh spinach, mushrooms and a few more vegetables. It's easy, it's very strong. Mushroom strudel, fasting Fresh out of the oven. Spinach and mushroom pie, vegetarian pie with spinach, mushrooms and sweet corn, fasting recipes, vegetarian recipes, quick recipes.

News and information about mushroom strudel. Information, articles, pictures and videos about mushroom strudel. Ingredients mushroom pie. Order mushroom pie & # 8211 Eat Home mananciacasa. Sarmale with rice and mushrooms (2.0 kg). Apple Homemade pie recipes, fasting pie recipe with pepper onions and mushrooms.

Spinach and mushroom pie is a traditional Romanian fasting dish, but can also be served as a side dish with a piece of meat.

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Sezon de andive

Eu cred că andivele sunt printre cele mai versatile ingrediente, pentru că se potrivesc cu atât de multe alte elemente, pentru că preiau din aromele care le înconjoară și sunt foarte ușor de pregătit, fie că le mâncăm proaspete sau gătite.

Salată de andive cu brânză de capră și curmale

Frunzele de andivă se așază frumos pe o farfurie. 300 g fructele de physalis se pun la fiert într-un sirop din 300 ml apă și 2 linguri de zahăr, un fir de cimbru, o fâșie de coajă de portocală și 2 felii de ghimbir. Se lasă să fiarbă până se obține un sirop un pic lipicios. Deasupra andivelor așezate pe farfurie se presară brânză de capră chevre (sau roquefort ori altă brânză cu mucegai albastru), felii de curmale fără sâmbure, nuci pecan în bucăți medii. Deasupra se pun fructele de physalis și se presară siropul în care au fiert și niște ulei de măsline.

Pentru o salată și mai rafinată se pot pune feliuțe de conopidă crudă, tăiată foarte subțire, ca un carpacio. Cui îi plac căpșunile, pot fi și acestea adăugate.

Este o salată complexă, cu gusturi amărui, dulci, sărate, cu texturi diverse.

Andive umplute

Andivele se desfac în frunze și se blanșează, astfel încât să se mai diminueze amăreala lor. Separat se toacă 500 g carne de pui (eu prefer să o toc la cuțit, dar nu este obligatoriu), se amestecă cu 2 felii de pâine fără coajă înmuiate și stoarse, 2 linguri morcovi rași, o jumătate de ceapă rasă și stoarsă, 2 căței de usturoi rași, 2 lingurițe pătrunjel tocat, 1 linguriță coriandru tocat, sare, piper negru, curcuma și un gălbenuș de ou. Această umplutură se pune cu vârf în câte o frunză de andivă și se acoperă cu încă o frunză. Andivele astfel umplute se dau prin făină și ou și se prăjesc. Separat se dau pe răzătoare 6 roșii moi. Se trag câțiva căței de usturoi în ulei de măsline, apoi se scot, după ce și-au lăsat aroma. Se adaugă roșiile, sare, piper și se lasă la fiert un pic cu o frunză de dafin și o crenguță de cimbru. Se pun andivele prăjite într-o tavă, se acoperă cu sosul de roșii și se dau la cuptor vreme de 50 minute la 170 grade. Se servesc cu orez.

Garnitură de andive

Acestea merg cu vită, căprioară, piept de rață sau foie gras.

Andivele se taie pe jumătate. Într-o tigaie se pun zahăr și unt și când acesta s-a topit, se pun andivele cu tăietura în jos. Când s-au caramelizat, se toarnă un pic de supă de bază de pui. Când s-a mai evaporat, se mai adaugă un pic și se mai lasă un minut. Se unge o hârtie pergament cu unt, se înțeapă și se pune cu untul în jos deasupra tigăii, care se dă la cuptor 45 minute la 150 grade.

Pentru mai multă aromă, în tigaie se pot pune coajă de portocală sau de lămâie, rozmarin, cimbru, etc. Pentru că andivele sunt foarte primitoare, a bsorb imediat orice aromă. Sunt precum un copil mic care învață concomitent să vorbească în mai multe limbi.

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